16 Year Old Forced to Remain Pregnant, Denied Abortion by Biased Judge

1209417_10151835176877722_1216278133_nFirst of all, I’d never suggest anyone do this, but I am speaking from my personal experience with abortion and pregnancy. Had I been forced to keep my pregnancy, I would have committed suicide. I was already afraid I would be turned down, so I had a plan already devised. I fear so very much every day for every woman and girl out there who may have the same uncontrollable thoughts. I am lucky I was able to have an abortion safely and legally, before this epidemic against women hit as hard as it is hitting now. (Have no fear, we will fight back- and sadly, banning abortion only means more death and danger of women; it will not stop or slow down abortions.)

This 16 year old girls case is heartbreaking. It makes absolutely no sense; not the decision made but moreover, it makes no sense that anyone should have to go before the legal system to access medical care!

No one has the right to tell a woman, especially a child (and a teenager is technically a child; far too young to be a mother), that she HAS to keep the pregnancy. That is just as bad as saying she HAS to abort. This girl lives in a foster home because she was removed from an abusive home.

She knows just as well as I know a foster home is not a place you ever want your child to be. She is 16, she probably had dreams and wanted a better life before having children… She was smart, I think, to want an abortion because she knows she is not ready; if she were ready, that’d be different but she is saying she isn’tAnd the horrible, heartless judge tells her it would be “murder” (ABORTION IS NOT MURDER!) & denied her the right to obtain an abortion. If a mother is not ready to give birth, why don’t you so called “pro-lifers” think of the quality of life in which both the mother and child would end up living in?

Lets look at what she said according to court documents… And as slate and countless other posts point out; she seems pretty damn mature to me!

When she initially went before Judge Peter Bataillon in July, he ruled that she did not provide evidence she was a victim of abuse, and also “failed to establish by clear and convincing evidence that she is sufficiently mature and well informed.”

According to court documents, she testified that she could not “be the right mom that [she] would like to be right now” and could not support a child financially. She also feared her foster parents would likely take out their anger not only on her, but on her child.

Finally, she pointed out that putting the baby up for adoption “would be worse” for her and her two siblings because of the resentment her foster parents would have towards her. The siblings, ages 7 and 9, are under the care of the same couple. [This was originally found on the the Huffington Post news site] 

I feel deep sorrow for the children and the mothers that tragically make the media because they snapped, more likely than not because of unresolved depression or postpartum. I don’t think they are evil nor should they be in prison. Most, I believe, need help. Needed help. What if a women knew she would end up doing something horrible one day to her child; why should she then still bring that child into this world? For adoption? When people suggest adoption it shows their ignorance on the current state of foster homes and adoption rates in America alone.

But I digress. I am sure this girl does not wish the life she lives and has lived upon her child- just as I didn’t and still wouldn’t wish it upon any child. (a fetus is not a child, I am speaking after birth).

This 16 year old child should have the right to make her own choice, not some religious nut with no regard for REAL human life, instead a history full of anti-woman and anti-LIFE actions and behaviors (see HERE). Judge Bataillon sounds like a typical “christian” person in a position of power which shows in his previous out right attacks on abortion and women’s rights (again, click above link)…

Why and how can we allow this?! We can’t… Stand up for our rights!! In any way…

Below is a summary of what occurred, I suggest the above link for more details. Please also click here and sign this petition to investigate this horrible and biased Judge- it only takes a few seconds…
A 16-year-old woman living in foster care in Nebraska was forced to go before an anti-choice judge to get permission for a legal abortion — and was denied.

Judge Peter Bataillon — who has a long history of anti-choice activism such as helping Operation Rescue protesters beat criminal charges and running a Right to Life group in Omaha — asked Emily* if she knew that “when you have the abortion it’s going to kill the child inside you.” Then he ruled against her on the grounds of insufficient maturity.

It was clear from the moment that Emily pled her case that Judge Bataillon had no intention of giving her a fair trial. We’ve filed a petition demanding a state investigation into whether he has ruled impartially on this and other abortion-related cases. Will you join us?

If you agree that Judge Bataillon sounds like he’s still reliving his days of defending Operation Rescue activists against stalking charges or can’t forget the time he spent as president of his local Right To Life organization, sign the petition now demanding a review of his qualifications for office.

* Not her real name


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