State Government & Abortion Laws, Both Pro and Anti, Report Via NARAL Report

This is a really handy tool the NARAL have put out. Click this link to access it. You simply type in your zip code, and go from there.

“State legislatures write choice-related laws that have a huge impact on women’s health and lives. Some states have great pro-choice laws. But in other states, anti-choice politicians are intruding on our private health decisions.”

Or, if you are wanting more info on pro-choice and anti-choice abortion bans passed in the states just within the last year, click one of the following: overview of pro-choice laws and overview of anti-choice laws.

The following link will take you to a report which summarizes Women’s Reproductive Rights in America and what has been happening since 2012. It is more than worthy and deserving of checking out. Key facts are easily listed, there are plenty of ways to get educated on what rights they are trying to steal from us women, who is behind it, and most importantly, what exactly it means. Link is below. Please educate yourself and others! We cannot go back to life before the 1970s.

“…Who Decides? The Status of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States. This report summarizes the state of women’s access to reproductive-health care nationwide, including legislation enacted in 2012.

Who Decides? is the preeminent publication of choice-related state laws and legislative activity, and NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation are the only organizations that provide up-to-the minute information about the enactment of new laws, and decisions handed down by state and federal courts related to reproductive rights. Our policy staff monitors state and federal activity on a daily basis, so please be sure to check our website for updates throughout the year.”

Finally, I have just downloaded the 22nd Edition of Who Decides? The Status of Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States for free from NARAL and sent it to my iPad to read. I encourage all to do the same, no matter what your method of reading; this is vital information for us ALL. Click the above link for the PDF file.

[[ Note: In regards to my posts I want to make a quick note and let all know there is so much to write about I have got a bit behind. However, I plan on updating this page tonight with a lot of new information and facts, so please don’t let the new stage of this site turn you away. Thank you 🙂 ]]

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