My Thoughts on Late-Term Abortion & Why We Need to Stop the Stigma Placed on it!

I am not entirely sure but I don’t believe there are any websites dedicated to women, or by women, who have had late-term abortions for any and all reasons; but I want to find out… However, first…

Click here to view a summary of Dana’s story. She is yet another wonderful example of a strong, brave woman. She made the choice of having a late-term abortion out of love; my heart goes out to her and her family for though she did good, I know it takes time to heal. Especially in today’s world.

It’s good to know there are still mother’s (and families) whom care more about what the child’s quality of life would be like; as opposed to being selfish and keeping the pregnancy, knowing what the pain it would have to endure during the time spent on earth.

However- and I say this with respect to all women who have had a late-term abortion for any reason: why are there not more stories about those of us who had a late-term abortion because we wanted to keep the pregnancy but knew it was not the right time, knew that it would be born into a traumatic hell much like what we knew growing up, etc, and end up waiting as they mentally debate over the choice. By the time they make the official choice, it may be too late for the pill; they are still owed the right to safely and legally abort.

What about women in abusive situations, struggling to get out, not wanting to give birth until she is in a safe, happy environment? What about those who simply weren’t ready but found out they were pregnant too late for the “abortion pill”? Or the women who didn’t want for a child to have to live a life remotely similar to the trauma they experienced?

How about the issue of money? By the time some raise enough their only option is a late-term abortion. Why is that wrong?

Oh yeah! And then there are kids. Kids having babies is not right – ever. But especially when…

What about the teenage girls who want to go to college or pursue whatever their dream are as long as it was to -not yet, maybe never- be a stay at home mom? Those who do not want to be single mom?

What about who have been in or are in foster care, know what it is like and even if they were lucky enough to have someone care for them…the lack of stability and coping with abandonment on your own is horrific. Such as recently, the 16 year old girl in Nebraska who was told by Judge Peter Bataillon (an extreme anti-abortionist) she was too immature for an abortion, but not to be a mother…among many other horrific hurtful words and lies he spewed. [Click here, or here or here for more; for the noted documents, please click -> court documents.] 

What about those who disagree with adoption, such as the young girl above, and such as myself? She stated putting a baby up for adoption, quote, “would be worse,” and who better to know it then those of us who have lived it? I have plenty of reasons I am against adoption [yet of course it should still be an option; I don’t want to control other people and their lives, like Anti’s desire] and in the upcoming future I will have an essay posted on here citing my many reasons why I refuse to ever go to an adoption agency and give them my child –any child.

What of women who cannot handle the pressures of being a mother, or who do not want to give up their life to become one? What about women who simply don’t want to be a mother now, if ever.

What about women who have had late-term abortion due to mental illness, not wanting to inflict that pain onto their own child, or maybe because she knew it was not right to give birth because she was not ready; not steady enough. One day when she get her mental care sorted out and if the time is right perhaps she wants to, but to mother me a is not ready, doesn’t want it

I could go on and on with examples like these; but the question I pose is…am I missing a website or something which is dedicated to proud women who have had late-term abortions? If not, I think I’ll consider starting one. I mean that; we need to be educated as possible in medicine and health care; even more so when it comes to those who are refused.

Regardless of when you think “life begins” I always, always believe the mother should come first. By this I mean, in life in every form from her career, whether she is ready, her actual life and health, her mental well being, and so forth. I don’t need to know when or why a woman has had an abortion(s)- I just know that I believe with a full heart and soul that the life of a mother is more sacred then that which is a fetus. No, it is not murder, if you want to know my opinion. You are not a bad person; that is just the anti’s lies trying to hurt and confuse you.

At the end of the day only you know what is right for you; whatever your gut feeling is, whatever your head and heart say, that is the answer. Not what I say and not what any anti says. YOU matter.

I will be on the hunt for groups of women who have had late term abortions and aren’t afraid to share their story. If anyone comes across this page and knows of one or wants to help start one, please email me (can be found on my on my about me section, aka the photo of myself lol or on google+).

Maybe it could be done in the same style as other stories; but either way, late-term abortion needs to be acknowledged a lot more. What Dana and other women have had to go through and do to make the kindest and most loving choice is sad but so respectable; that’s true love for humanity…And I admire them for doing the right thing.

With that said, I, too, am a woman who had a late-term abortion but it was not due to the fetus being unwell. It was because I loved what was growing inside me; but knew I was far from ready… I knew this child deserved more than the current state of life. And those are just the few reasons I am willing to share.

I am proud of my choice; and I know there are more of us out there…

I have a video on YouTube about my abortion; it isn’t the best video- I tend to babble but I hope it offers something… I’ll post it below for any who want to watch:

As for “regret” – I have not an ounce. I have a video I made later talking about regret. Again, it is not the best video, but, it is the truth. I was so very reassured one day -randomly, abortion the last thing on my mind- when suddenly it was triggered and I remembered… And a wave of relief came over me because I knew, once again, without a doubt, I did the best I could, and I made the choice I made out of honest and pure love. That video follows, for those interested:

And if you just want my youtube channel, please click -> here.

I’ll end this for now; I suppose the point of this was basically to say we need to make sure women understand that having an abortion, especially a late term abortion, for whatever reason is not bad, wrong or evil. I think it’s time we break the stigma of abortion all together- and definitely break the stigma placed on late-term abortions for women who, for whatever reason, couldn’t have “the pill” so they did the right thing, despite how the ignorant act and what they say. You must learn to ignore them- we are better than that…

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