The Christian’s New Attempts of False Imprisonment for Abortion- Please Share!

Lies from the Christian Anti's
Lies from the Christian Anti’s for more info on this fake & lie filled “post”, read below

And if the CPC lies didn’t get you mad, if you have a heart or a brain this should. There are Christians trying to have women seeking abortions locked up under false imprisonment. The image at the start of this article is disgusting and shows the lack of moral and regard for humanity these anti’s have. (Article below explains this image more.) 

These Christians are now attempting to infiltrate networks of pro-choice activists that have begun providing transportation an help for women in need of abortion care, but not able to receive it due to the new and pathetic abortion ban. These Christians want to lie, join in on what is meant to be a good, helpful service for women,… and then prevent, the woman from going and receiving her abortion and instead, they want to take her to a church. 

One would think these idiots have more important things to do with their time than chance down women and stand outside of clinics chatting until someone drives up to the clinic. Also, if they are so pro-life, they sure are failing to show it.

This seems all too familiar from the same group of sick “Christians” and antis as those back in 1999 who began to openly defend the murders and maiming tactics fellow anti choice and Christians used as a, quote “holy war”… [Does this not show you all how insane these people are?]

They even began handing out “wanted” posters with names and locations of doctors who performed abortions, as well as a web-site with the same information, with the same sick intent of wanting death, not life.

Anyhow back on topic. Here is the new set of insanity these Christians are putting out. For more information and resources on what is happening, check out the original link following the article.

Anti-Abortion Christian Activist Urges False Imprisonment Of Women Seeking Abortions
The image at right is deeply disturbing and entirely unsurprising: anti-abortion “Christians” are advocating for infiltrating networks of pro-choice activists who are providing transportation and help to women impacted by HB2, Rick Perry’s back-door abortion ban.

That’s false imprisonment: picking up a woman, driving her around aimlessly for an hour, and forcing her to miss a doctor’s appointment in an effort to deny her her rights. That’s a crime.

Efforts such as those described above severely hurt the women who are struggling to access transportation and funds in time to comply with the medically unnecessary hurdles put in place before they can access an abortion.

The actions urged by the so-called “Christian” individual above will have a disproportionately more significant effect on poor women and those who are most desperate.

I’m pretty sure that the broad array of deception involved in such an effort falls squarely under that whole prohibition on lying, but then again I’m not an ideologically inconsistent anti-choice advocate, so I’m not entirely sure.

More below the jump about Fund Texas Women and what efforts are emerging to support the women facing increasing obstacles to accessing their right to choose in Texas.

The increasing hurdles to access put in place by the Republican-majority Legislature — mandatory sonogram with 24-hour waiting period, clinic closures across Texas, unnecessary doctor visits for administering medical abortion, ambulatory surgical center requirements — are combining to create a crisis-level situation in which over 22,000 Texas women will be unable to access an abortion each year.

That’s the intent of this law and that’s the intent of the “Christian” above — to prevent women from accessing their basic right to an abortion.

For those unfamiliar with Fund Texas Women, they are a new organization founded to support the increased costs women are facing as they must travel further distances and for greater lengths of time to access their rights. Their site already includes a map of clinics and a map of Greyhound bus stops. It’s worth noting that cuts to Megabus service routes will leave many women with decreased transportation options to a clinic.

The stakes are dire, so to see a so-called “Christian” advocating for further deception to disrupt this process and try to “trick” a desperate, poor woman into missing an appointment in an already strained system is just sick.

I don’t know about y’all, but I liked the anti-choice movement better when they stuck to praying to end abortion, rather than killing doctors, bombing clinics, and now openly lying to women.

The image and more resources can be found by clicking here.

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