Quick Video on Christians, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Teens & Sex Ed

Quick video update on Crisis Pregnancy Centers & Sexual Education. Ugh, these people disgust me. More soon!

Please scroll below video for more info and links!

A quote about the CPC:

The Challenge

CPCs are a growing threat to women’s health. They often lie to women about abortion and birth control. They’ll do anything to scare a woman away from choosing legal abortion.

Anti-choice groups created CPCs to look like comprehensive health clinics, but many are generally unregulated and unlicensed. For instance, they don’t have to follow privacy-protection laws like your doctor or real clinics do. They use tactics that mislead women about pregnancy-related information.

Some false claims many CPCs use:

Abortion causes breast cancer
Abortion is psychologically damaging
Abortion can lead to sterility
Birth-control pills cause abortion

There are more than 4,000 CPCs across the country. Some CPCs, highlighted in the map above, even get support from state governments to mislead women

Read more HERE

More Resources: You can find out more on what you can do for women’s rights to abortion and safe sex by clicking here.

They claim that abortion leads to psychological trauma. Not in me! I FEEL GREAT RELIEF!!!!! AND I HATE A LATE-TERM ONE!

Come to think of it, not in any women I’ve met, have I met one whom regrets it, to be honest. I am sure some do, and that’s okay. That does NOT mean our right to make our own choice should be taken away.

But if you are worried about the psychological side, check the facts first… This section includes information on biased counseling and mandatory delays put in place by money hungry, religious zealots.

Click here for these laws and more information regarding them.

Pretty much just GO TO THIS LINK regardless of your views. This link has everything you need to know, from a CPC worker explaining how to “lure” women in to ads and how they misguide women, to the following video I’ll feature below; one woman shares her experience visiting a Crisis Pregnancy Center. -Check it out, check out the link, and get active!!!!-

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