TX School: No Sex Ed, Instead Demoralizing & Preaching Abstinence to Teens

Absolutely astonishing. I said it before in a video, and I’m gonna repost that video now, and ask you to read and sign this insane Christian zealot attempt at refusing to teach real Sex Education and instead teaching “abstinence.” This makes for an unsafe world for teens and young adults, and it is only pushing us back. People are going to have sex.

Deal with it. Your teenager is more than likely having sex.

You can either help them stay safe by helping them acquire birth control and condoms or whatever is best for you; or you can let them risk getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease because you are so “pro-life/pro-“child”, and then call her a devil and murderer when she wants an abortion [that’s it, good ol’ Christian!]…

But why do you guys seem to always forget about the dad, though… It does take two, to make a fetus.

First, the article and link where you can sign to protest this Texas insanity. It literally will take 1 minute to sign the petition.

Texas is in the top states for the most teenage pregnancies, yet they want to teach them sex before marriage is “wrong” – forcing Christian BS at them just as the do those of us who have abortions? The article below explains more of how these kids are being treated.

After that, my short video on sexual health, it’s old, but have no fear, I’ve just made a new one I’ll be posting up shortly 😀

Let’s Stop Demeaning Students in this Texas School

A group of Texas students in the Canyon Independent School District are being taught that they’ll be as worthless as chewed sticks of gum and used toothbrushes if they have sex before marriage.

In a state where the teen pregnancy rates are among the highest in the country, sex education should include facts to keep teens safe, informed, and empowered to make responsible decisions.

Instead, these students got a demeaning lecture intended to undermine their self-worth and stigmatize certain behaviors.

Livid parents are demanding that Canyon Schools leave morality to the family and focus on the facts. If enough of us speak up, we can help them get this curriculum out of the classroom.

Sign the petition to Superintendent Michael Wartes calling on him to remove the “Reality CHECK” abstinence-only program from the district.

A Shocking Photo of the Lesson Plan-> (click to enlarge)

Sex Education for Teens- Not Abstinence ! Not only will it not work, it's yet another attempt at controlling society.
Sex Education for Teens- Not Abstinence ! Not only will it not work, it’s yet another attempt at controlling society.

Sign this Petition to Superintendent Michael Wartes
Brain-washing messages that shame students into believing they’ll be worthless if they have premarital sex have no place in the classroom. It’s your responsibility as superintendent to make sure students are taught the facts at school so they can be safe, make responsible decisions, and lead the kind of lives they want.

Click HERE to sign the petition … Again, it literally takes 1 minute, if that.

For more information on how to get involved in the fight against abortion bans, lack of reproductive health and sex education  please click HERE.

My Quick Video on Sex & Anti Attacks… ->


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