Women of Albuquerque Face 20 Week, Texas Style Ban & a Town Full of Christians- Please Help!

pro-abort-right-to-lifeThe women of Albuquerque need our help, just as the women of Texas… Facing a 20 week ban on abortion, as well as a movement of anti-choice Christians full of hate, (see below), they need our help. (I go on a bit of a rant. For direct access to the help part, please scroll to the bottom of this post.)

I can’t grasp my mind around how these Christian’s work. They have the nerve to attack other religions (again, I’m Pagan- but I believe we should all be able to make our own CHOICE) for being extremists, when that’s exactly what they are. So, I guess we can add the word hypocrite with a little bit of narcissism to the list as well.

[*Please note, if you will, I will be making a video -with evidence and research as well as history!- explaining why abortion is not evil, and until recently in America was not considered a “sinful” thing to do. I’ll have that up asap, along with my sources.]

Last night $50,000 grand was raised for the women of Texas. Watching reminds me of the beauty we have been blessed with as women…and the strength. However, somewhere along the lines some women (and a great deal of ignorant men) have allowed their religion and/or society to brainwash them.

I am not talking about Christians (or anyone) who thinks abortion is wrong but keeps it to themselves and lets people do as they need. I’m speaking of the loud mouthed, lie spewing, fear tactic using Christians who rant that abortion is murder…

Have news for them, even though it is not really new news…abortion is not murder. Even if it were, or if you believe life starts at ___ point, I still support it.

The most brilliant article I have been directing people to all night is a great answer to why even if life does begin at conception (which I do NOT believe) but playing with that idea, this article explains why abortion is still okay and why women should always come first. Click here for that.

I was going to post a long piece of writing with quotes from these morons (sorry; was the kindest name I could think of) but I can’t. Why can’t I? Because it would mean having to sort through and read, again, their stupidity, hypocritical lies. Their ABUSE via fear tactics and name calling; those are things only people with no argument can do. I will link all the info below and just sum up the sickness this morning.

Back in the 1990s, as I noted in another post, anti-choice Christians began admitting to the murders, making proud websites of their kills or injured victims; calling this a “holy war”– one guy in the article in an article regarding the invasion of this town stated something very much like those same anti-life aka “pro-life” Christians; he said something along the lines of how “god called them there” (I believe he was referring to the murder of Dr. Tiller) to, quote, “do their job.”

What baffles me is these people walk our streets; they have the audacity to say they are pro-life, by killing. Even if you disagree with someone, you don’t kill them? That’s also something someone too sick in the mind, with no real argument, even, would do.

And so is going back to where the man was killed, screeching their idiotic lies or fear propaganda; standing on their soap box making attempts to appear “holier than thou” but willing to save you, sinner! *

* That was my attempt at sarcasm.

When me and my husband went to Planned Parenthood for the pill, these Christian’s were out by the car, praying. I laughed at first but then grew annoyed.

I know it would have been more mature and intelligent of me to just ignore them, but they looked so stupid, they were so brainwashed and sickening, I had to give them a piece of my mind and mock them while they prayed.

I do admit, it was a childish thing to do; I also admit it entertained me and made the day a bit better. One thing they don’t understand is that…to my knowledge, not all Planned Parenthood’s offer abortion- rather check ups, birth control, etc….

So then… a lot of the time I think these people may as well be protesting at McDonalds for all anyone cares because they are completely in the wrong location for their “cause”.

Not only that, when I had my late-term abortion, they marched around with their pathetic photo-shopped photos which didn’t phase me.

I honestly feel more sorry for other women who take that stuff to heart. I don’t take it to heart because I have learned they are liars, to put it simply.

I know what I believe, and I know that even if life does begin at conception or 12 weeks or whenever; I did the right thing for the fetus that was inside me. 

Quality of my life and the fetus to be child’s life, matter.

There are so many things; be it a person is not ready, had to raise money, wasn’t sure what to do, etc etc,… every woman’s story is her own. It is not our place to judge anyone- and if you’re a Christian who does, aren’t you “disobeying” your god?  – I’ll answer: yes and no. Your bible contradicts itself so much you can mold it into any kind of work you would like, thereby making any circumstance you agree or disagree with right or wrong, according to your feelings.

Showing a photo-shopped, “dead baby” is not only wrong in that, a fetus is not a baby but also in that they are not showing the truth of the procedure. As if the procedure matters, but that’s another rant.

All they are taking a medical procedure and trying to turn it into murderous gore. Toting these fake photos about at clinics is just as stupid as going to place where do heart surgery, and standing outside with a demented, twisted photo-shopped heart being shoved into a person along with every other horrific object you can imagine.

It’s meant to scare you and more so, it is meant to play off of your emotions.

I always say, don’t listen to me, don’t listen to them; listen to your heart. I mean that and hope you will if you are considering abortion. But please, don’t give those who try to trick you into doing what THEY want your time.

With so much to deal with, the last thing anyone needs is to deal with these ‘people’ marching about or standing around talking down on others. What would Jesus do, aye?

Whoa talk about getting a bit distracted. Back to the point of this post. While Texas still desperately needs help even after the successful money raised, until women are free and can access safe abortions, we must not forget Texans.

But along with them, Albuquerque is facing some disgusting new abortion bans, with a group of Christian anti-lifers taking over one town with a “plan”- disgusting! Why are these people allowed to walk the street!?

Click HERE to read about this and please, click HERE to help stop the 20 week ban from happening. I’m going to start making videos with stories from the past, and present, of the measures women go to in order to abort. People have no idea what it is like -and that is so apparent- when they judge women for abortions.

Stand with Albuquerque

Help Young Women United defeat a 20-week abortion ban

This Tuesday in Albuquerque NM, we are facing the first municipal level attempt to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Young Women United is proud to be a leading organization of the Respect ABQ Women Campaign, working to defeat this harmful ballot measure that would also close one of only four clinics nationwide performing later abortions.

Our volunteers come directly from our communities and are the driving force behind this work. That is why we make sure every phone bank and canvass is accessible by providing childcare and meals. Your donation would allow us to talk to more Albuquerque voters and keep these deeply private decisions about abortion where they belong, with us.


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