#Texas #Women I Need Your Assistance! Seeking #abortion ? Please Read / Watch!!!

Hi everyone, a rather urgent call to the women of Texas. An amazing report is being compiled by a wonderful lady (link will be posted in my suggested links asap) – I just got off of the phone with her. We are looking for stories from women in Texas and their experience since November 1st abortion ban.

You will remain anonymous, there will be no way what you share will come back to you… Please watch the short (by my standards) video and contact me!

We need to talk about abortion, we need to de-stigmatize it, we need abortion to be a common medical term that is not judged because it is not wrong, it is not evil, and it does not make a woman a bad person!  No phone calls (unless you prefer) – just emails. No names, no passing judgment, no lectures- nothing like that. This report is vital and need to hear from women ASAP- please, please, I beg you- contact me!! If you have questions, concerns, are interested…. My contact info can be found in the description of the youtube page and in my about me section on this website!

Thank you so much- Texas women stand up and remain strong! The fight is not over!!!

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