“Every Sperm is Sacred…” Sing Along!

While his page isn’t complete (I’m linking it to mine, graphics, etc) this is my kick-ass brother in law’s first post… It’s rare I get this thrilled. Check it out!!!

Bugger the World!!!

“Every sperm is sacred”.  So sung Monty Python at least; and that, in a nutshell, is my logical problem with the pro-life argument.

Pro-lifers (PLs henceforth) claim that an abortion, even the morning after pill, is the denial of potential life and a denial of God’s will.

At what point does life become life?  I believe that scientifically and morally there has to be a cut-off point within fetal development where we have to respect the life of the fetus, but a carpet ban on all abortions is honestly ludicrous.

However, if we were to follow this argument further, at what point do we actually, as humans, define the moment of life?

Catholics, along with many other religious types, still believe that contraception is evil because it denies those little sperms the chance to become babies. Whilst this shows a massive misunderstanding of the female reproductive cycle it also means that sperms, to the Pope at…

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