Brief Thoughts on Anti’s and Their Hate for Pro-Choice and Abortion Activists

This post is really more so a rant about anti’s trolling and harassing pro-choice, pro-science and pro-life (pro-choice is pro-life, anti’s are not pro-life by definition) activists such as myself and countless others. The same morons who go out and harass people in public are just as annoying on the internet. The benefit I have is I don’t listen to them, nor do they bother me in any other way than I fear they will make other women whom are having an abortion feel bad- when they’ve no reason to feel bad.

So let me focus on some assault questions I’ve received. Do I read comments? Yes, sometimes. Sometimes I simply scan. I have to read comments on my page in order to delete the ones I don’t feel are appropriate. Simply because I have read and responded to one doesn’t make you special- it does not mean you’ve made an impression on me in a good way; it means you’ve been outstandingly stupid and ignorant, nothing more. It is the stupidest hate comments I tend to reply to, when I do read and not skim… This is, of course, after deleting them from my google page because I do not feel other women should be inflicted by these ignorant hate and religious fear tactics.

It is because I am pagan that I am pro-abortion, someone claimed. Me and my husband both found this hilarious. If these Muslims and Christians researched the origins and what Paganism really is, they’d find I am involved in a much more peaceful and loving spirituality than either of the two. Yet, of course, I am evil because I do not support religions which preach hate anymore than I do people who preach hate (i.e., antis).

The people who come to my page and troll it do nothing more than make me certain I am in the right. If I were to find out I were pregnant today, I’d have another abortion. I say that proudly because I care for human life, and me and my husband both agree that now is not the time to have a child because we are not ready. Parents need to be responsible, ready and wanting to have a child; otherwise you are bringing an unloved, unwanted person into this world at best. How is that being pro-life? How is that being good?

I saw my own ultrasound, it made me even more certain that I was doing the right thing. Call me evil, but the thought of giving birth to a then infant and having to raise it when I am not ready nor stable, to say the least, should be considered a crime against humanity.

Life is not as simple as anti’s make it seem. If life did begin at conception abortion still would remain acceptable to me. The quality of life for the mother comes first, as does the to be child. Bringing a child into a world it isn’t wanted in is horrible, and anyone who disagrees lives in a very narrow world. I have no desire to argue with you anti’s because you won’t change my mind, nor will I yours.

The main difference in me and you, however, is I don’t feel the need to go harass people, especially innocent people, for having medical procedures. It makes no difference to anyone and only makes you look like the fools you are. I support freedom of speech and choice to believe in what you will; but I do not support acting out on it like a bunch of morons. Get a life. 

And as for Anti’s hate speech or comments making an impression on me, sure they do. They make me shake my head at how ignorant and self centered some people can be, it makes me feel shame that they are a part of society. They bring no good to this world, only hate.

A good person doesn’t judge, nor kick another person when they are down. A good person doesn’t act like anti’s act, they don’t attack with names – if they had any real argument they would speak it. But instead it’s just like speaking with a christian about eternity in hell; they use ‘fear’ tactics, name calling and abuse.

They are a disgrace to humanity and I am embarrassed for them. Finally, if anything, I should thank them I suppose for they only fuel my fire to continue fighting for safe abortion access around the US and world.

With that, let’s end it with a song! Don’t let the bastards grind you down


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