Petition! Full Out Attack on Women & Victims of Rape… Please Sign & Help Us Stand Up For All Women & Victims of Crime!

Please, read this and sign the petition- refuse to let the government punish rape victims as well as please help the women who choose to have an abortion from further abuses and tax increases. This is a full out attack on women- we MUST do something NOW!

Some Members of Congress just don’t get it. Voters tell them they care about the economy, jobs, and education. But instead of focusing on those things, these lawmakers decided to spend the first weeks of the new year pushing a new bill that could hurt women.

Tell your Representative — This bill is bad news. Vote NO.

This new bill, H.R. 7, contains several dangerous proposals for women’s health. It could:

  • Force survivors of sexual assault to prove to the IRS that they were raped
  • Increase taxes on some women who have an abortion
  • Punish women who have an abortion to prevent severe, permanent damage to her health
  • Bully millions of individuals and small business owners into dropping comprehensive insurance coverage that includes abortion

Tell your Member of Congress to stop misguided politicians from undermining a woman’s ability to get and afford a safe, legal abortion.

Basically, this bill is a sneaky way to take away insurance coverage for abortion by threatening women with higher costs and taxes. If it passes, it could eliminate abortion coverage for millions of women. Not a handful — millions.

Not only is this bill bad for women, but it also shows that despite all the big issues Congress should be dealing with, some lawmakers just can’t bring themselves to stop meddling with what goes on in your uterus.

Tell your Member of Congress to oppose this dangerous bill.

Millions of women will be affected if this bill passes. Let’s give Congress a million reasons why we don’t need lawmakers interfering in our personal health care decisions.

Thanks for keeping it personal,


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