A Topic We Need…..

I just want to write this and say once more, I am not gone… Depression and flashbacks have been frequent the past few weeks but I am working on getting back on top of things. I would like to discuss the issue that sparked this, it is very personal and not related to abortion but it is something I want to talk about as I don’t want any one to ever feel alone if I can help it, and it’s a very important issue for women (and men, too).

So, tonight or tomorrow one I hope to be able to begin posting things to share and hopefully crawl out of this depression. Thanks again to all those who stay loyal and understanding through times like this…

3 thoughts on “A Topic We Need…..

      1. Anyone is going to get depressed from time to time with such a controversial blog. I can’t imagine the hate you get for simply voicing your opinions.

        Cheer up soon, OK. Depression is never permanent; it’s episodic. =]

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