Insanity: Blaming the Victims/Survivors of Rape and Abuse- Punishing the Wrong People…

It enrages me how the victims of abuse and rape are blamed for their victimization as opposed to the criminal being locked up. Not only are we blamed, but punishment is just a slap on the wrist, if that, such as the nasty, old teacher whom raped his teenage student…she shortly after killed herself. He was given 30 days. Before I go on to victim blaming and how the government is continuing to fail women, I wanna post some statistics up.

In America the majority of our prison population is made up of drug use -which is something people need help with not to be punished for- not only does sending them to prison limit their possibility greatly of obtaining a legit job (especially a decent one) but also removes their ability to go to college after release. The next highest offenses after drugs are things such as petty theft and minor crimes. I say minor because compared to rape and murder, theft and drugs are minor when it comes to being a threat to society.

Instead of filling the prisons up with drug offenders (who make up over 55% of prison population) they should be putting psychopaths, rapists, child molesters – the real criminals, the real threats to society should be the ones in prison- not someone who broke parole because they couldn’t get home in time due to a traffic jam or public transportation. The American prison industry is made up of murderers at a percentage of 3%, with rapists coming in at only 1%….

So not only do we get blamed for being victims of abuse and sexual attacks, the sickos who commit the crime are let off with little to no real punishment given.

What’s more, men are getting more and more bold with their statements regarding it being the “woman’s fault” as we will see below. They use non-logical “reasons” for their perverted behavior. Things that are untrue, such as, not covering every inch of skin on her body, looking “too good”, etc. But remember this is an excuse so they don’t have to own up to their own sickness.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what a woman wears, it is not an invitation to rape or assault. Men are not mindless animals and unless they have no conscience the thought of rape doesn’t even come to a good soul’s mind.

Back to the governments victim blaming and how the INjustice system handles these things… Remember the young teenage girl who was raped by her teacher- and this is not an isolated case, be it the teacher or the “popular” kid or football players who are not held responsible because they are a man first of all, and too often they are popular or needed in something stupid as sports or they have rich parents.

This is perverse and wrong- not only should punishment be extremely severe, no matter who the sexual abuser or rapist is, more often than not punishment is light at worst. Sexual abuse of a child- one of, if not the, sickest of crimes.What’s more, the writer of a victim blaming, woman bashing column (more on this below), James Taranto, is set on making the world think that in actuality there is a war on men; not women… Just as belittling, the Wall Street Journal has published other columns which continue to argue a lie; that lie is things such as working to combat sexual offenses in the military are, quote, “an effort to criminalize male sexuality“.

Men whom think that way are threats to society. Ugh, are you kidding me?!? How could someone even come up with such an insane, heartless lie and then sleep at night?! I can’t comprehend it.

Sadly the non-logical and mindless “reasons” go on, but there is no truth to their argument, no one wants to be raped- and it does happen to men as well as women… It is such a shame that being a victim of abuse, rape, sexual assault, etc makes us feel we are to blame; makes us feel ashamed when in reality, it is the sick-minded abusers who are to blame and should feel the shame; not us. We are survivors- and we deserve respect.

The noted writer above, James Taranto, published a column in the Wall Street Journal Monday, during which he blames the victim. I am not only disgusted that there are people who actually think this way, but I am so disappointed that this column post was not torn apart and thrown in the trash.

Yes, I believe in freedom of press and free speech- however, I also believe if you have nothing helpful and intelligent to say, you should consider not speaking…just as James should have. Just as the Wall Street Journal should have shook their head in disgust at his deeply sexist and wrong “opinion”.

Below is more information on this latest sick incident regarding victim blaming.

Article beings:

In a Wall Street Journal column published on Monday, conservative commentator James Taranto argued that a “balanced” approach to the college sexual assault crisis involves placing equal blame on rapists and their victims, if both of them were drinking alcohol. The fact that intoxicated rape victims aren’t held responsible for their assault is “self-evidently unjust,” according to Taranto.

“If two drunk drivers are in a collision, one doesn’t determine fault on the basis of demographic details such as each driver’s sex. But when two drunken college students ‘collide,’ the male one is almost always presumed to be at fault,” Taranto writes. He goes on to conclude that efforts to address sexual violence on college campuses are creating a culture in which “women, but not men, are absolved of responsibility by virtue of having consumed alcohol.”

Taranto has a long history of approaching sexual assault from this perspective. The Wall Street Journal columnist has previously argued that combating sexual assault in the military amounts to an “an effort to criminalize male sexuality” and a “war on men.”

In his most recent column, he reprises his concerns that men are often falsely accused of misconduct by women who have not actually been raped.

This attitude toward rape victims has implications that extend far beyond Taranto himself. The pervasive notion that it’s women’s responsibility to avoid rape — and that they can effectively avoid becoming victimized if they dress differently, or drink less alcohol — has a huge impact on the way that survivors are treated if they decide to come forward about a sexual assault. Rather than receiving compassion and support, rape victims are typically greeted with suspicion and shame. They’re either told that the crime was their own fault because they should have been smarter, or they’re assumed to be lying.

Arguments like Taranto’s aren’t unusual, partly because they continue to be espoused by people with access to media platforms. But they ultimately betray an ignorance about the reality of sexual assault.

Rape isn’t a mistake that college students accidentally make because they’re too drunk; in fact, research into college rapists reveals that sexual assault is premeditated and victims are carefully chosen. Alcohol is a tool that rapists often use, but it’s simply one tool among many. And although “men’s rights” supporters like Taranto argue that it’s too easy for women to lie about being raped in order to ruin a man’s life, false reports are actually incredibly rare — generous estimates put the rate around 2.2 percent — and the criminal justice system isn’t exactly quick to prosecute these type of sexual crimes in the first place.

Nonetheless, the conversation about rape prevention on college campuses tends to get stuck on the issue of alcohol rather than the issue of consent. In another column published on Monday, Slate contributor Emily Yoffe bemoaned the fact that President Obama’s recent announcement about a new task force to combat campus sexual assault didn’t include “some remarks about the dangers to both sexes of getting blind drunk.”

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