Domestic Abuse- Post 1 – (Personal Post) Never Give Up

A few posts back I noted that I had been away due to personal depression…I also noted it was something I wanted to discuss because it is a topic that needs to be discussed. It has nothing to do with abortion, but rather domestic abuse/violence. This is also a bit personal, but I hope it is the right way to start off.

I will not go into details of my own personal circumstances as they are still going on, and have been for going on 50 years. The woman whom raised me has endured every type of abuse imaginable, and it is because of the strength she has as well as the trauma she has endured that I write this blog. She is my hero. I want to help educate people who have never lived abuse, much less extreme, long term abuse understand the complexity… At the same time, I hope anyone undergoing abuse will see this and know they aren’t alone and that no matter how hopeless it seems there is a way out.

The woman whom is my mother (she took me in when she didn’t have to and had so much on her plate) after almost 50 years of extreme abuse she finally has escaped. It took me not being there to protect her and sadly an attempt on her life (which she thankfully escaped with her life) to get a restraining order as well as facing prison. He was mainly a verbal, mental abuser but as noted she has endured all forms of abuse by him.

I share this because I hope no matter what your situation you can get out… I can’t do much, but if you need direction or information, please message me.

No matter how long you’ve endured abuse, be it a month or years, of course you are traumatized. There is nothing wrong with that, this is normal. Trauma, or PTSD, is a natural reaction to abuse of all forms. In my opinion the worst form of abuse are the ones that leave no physical wounds. Mind games are dangerous but no matter how amazing these people are at twisting your words and making it seem like it is your fault; it is not- no one deserves abuse.

No one is beyond help- no matter what the cause of your mental illness(es). This includes those who have been abused; you are not beyond help. Healing may be hard, but no matter your age, no matter the type of abuse and life you’ve had- you can get help, you can heal- you just have to accept that it doesn’t happen over night…and that is normal, that is okay. We each heal at our own pace, but the very first step is getting help. 

You’re here, reading this now… And that alone shows you are on the right path. No matter who you are, no matter what your age, no matter what your situation; there is hope. Again, contact me if you need some help finding direction for your personal situation, and I shall do the best I can to direct you to places that can help. It takes me time to respond to emails, I am a bit backed up regarding emails but I do my best…

In upcoming posts I will be writing not only about abortion, but for women whom are experiencing abuse. I know men endure abuse as well, I will try to keep this in my posts however my site is more directed towards women. I will try to reference sites for men as well.

Remember; Never, ever give up.

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