Its Not Your Fault- A Poem

This is a poem my father-in-law wrote… It says everything I wish to say to all those abused, and those going through the healing process… Remember, it is not your fault; and it is NOT hopeless… EDIT: I’m rather annoyed so… I received a comment which said, “you’re so vain, you probably think this is about you.” I’m just shocked at the audacity of people. A) my father in law wrote it, B) you know nothing about my life and C) if you took the time to actually read my last post, and you have any amount of intelligence in you, you can see whom it is about. You were right to delete your comment, for I would have done it for you had you not removed it. Shame on you and people like you who attack those who are down.

Higgo's World

Its Not Your Fault


No band-aid plaster can make it better

No physical scars to bear, to prove.

A living hell constantly remembered.

An abusers toy that dare not move.

Each day not knowing what will spark the torment.

Constantly worrying and wondering when the pain will start.

The outside world sees only good and kindness,

Not the cruelty and hate in their eyes and heart.

But their abuse is constant and relentless, continuing day after day.

Can no one see you slowly disappearing?

Confidence eroded and your soul chipped away.

In your world of despair and uncertainty,

Where self loathing and doubt are rife.

There’s only you who can change the future.

It’s up to you to can change your life.

Simply ask and help will be given.

There’s an army of help just for you.

From people who have trod the same pathway, who have found the…

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