Women Rape Survivors & the Children Shouldn’t Be Punished for Rape!

This has me outraged- a rape victim becomes pregnant should not only (as all women) have the automatic right to have an abortion and not be made to feel unnecessarily guilty for that choice. But this is not just about her choice to abort or not- in this case let’s say she keeps the child. Law, currently Ohio being the major risk along with 30 other states, not only are content with making space for non-violent offenders (only 4% of rape charges end in a felony conviction- and less than 1% of the American prison population are made of rapists), but giving the rapist the right to sue the woman he raped, saying she must give the sick rapist right to the custody and visiting rights of the child.

Example from an email I received from UltraViolet Team:

Remember Ariel Castro? He held 3 women captive for 10 years in his Ohio home. He repeatedly assaulted them, and one woman became pregnant and had a daughter as a result of the rapes.

But here’s a piece of the story that didn’t make headlines: Castro could have sued the mother for visitation rights even though he is a known rapist. Why? Because Ohio is one of 31 states that allow rapists to sue for custody and visitation rights.

No survivor should have to worry that her attacker is going to sue her if she becomes pregnant and has a child because of the rape. No one should have to spend a lifetime tethered to their rapist, especially if it means watching a violent offender raise your child. But this is a potential reality for the 32,000 women who become pregnant from rape each year.

In Ohio, State Senator Nina Turner has introduced a bill that will help protect these women, and passing it could tip off a wave of similar bills in other states. Right now, Turner’s bill is stuck in committee, and it needs a bright national spotlight to pass.

Why is this not national and international outrage? I am so fed up with men and brainwashed women who believe all women are simply incubators to be used at a “mans” will. To give birth and be nothing more but a sex object to be used and abused as seen fit.

While I intend on posting a LOT more on this as soon as possible, I plead with you to please sign the petition asking the Criminal Justice Committee Chairman John Eklund to push forward for the Protect Rape Survivors bill.

Spread the word, stand up – there hasn’t been such an attack on us women in a very long time. Since when has it been acceptable to demean women? Where are the good men who stand with us? Where is the outrage over even the thought of not punishing rapists, where is the rage over men thinking they have the right to use women as they will? This is sickening- and we must demand, both in Ohio and every single state similar, that we women are treated far better than this. And that rapists are punished far more harshly than someone who struggles with drug addiction or poverty.

Please click here to sign, it literally doesn’t even take a minute. But even if it took an hour, time shouldn’t matter- this is more important than Facebook. Get angry!! This is not going to get better unless we do something!!!!


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