Extremely Important!!! #CPC Spreading Lies to Women & Schools in the United Kingdom

It would be tragic enough if it were only Americans having to fight the lies and misguidance the Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) spread to women regarding pregnancy and abortion. However, the CPC have found their way to England where there are now at least 135 active centers. Some of the sickening lies being told to women include but are not limited to the same things we hear in America; that abortion complications are a great risk (lie) and termination tends to lead to infertility – this is also a proven lie -…; that abortion dramatically increases risk of breast cancer again, proven lie to the dishonest behavior in the creation of a medical disorder they call Post Abortion Syndrome again, this is not a real disorder. Additionally, they are handing out pamphlets produced here in America by anti-choice organization ‘focus on the family’.

Then, as an insult to those of us who actually suffer from the very real disorder/illness of Post Traumatic Disorder or PTSD, they compare the symptoms of their made up ‘syndrome’ to the real symptoms of PTSD, as if an abortion is something traumatic to have done. While it may not always be the easiest choice to make, when it is the right one and the one wanted, then it is the right choice and nothing is wrong or evil about that.

Yes, of course some may regret abortion, but it is a very common lie that most women regret their abortion. In fact, the vast majority of women go on with no regret whatsoever, I am one of them. Post abortion I am filled with relief, not regret over my abortion.

They lie and throw a label on scary emotions, in an attempt to frighten the woman out of abortion (just like so many religious people try to frighten others into believing as they do).

Finally, one more lie the CPC and like organizations say is that women change their mind 90% of the time after seeing an ultra sound of their fetus… Once more, this is a lie. The truth is, research statistics show most women, myself included, do NOT change their mind after seeing an ultra sound. I felt such love for the fetus I saw it only reassured me that the right choice was to abort, and bring a child into this world when it was wanted, when it had a world ready to give it a wonderful life. The fetus I saw deserved more than what currently could be given- it comforted me to know I had spared it suffering. It is enraging the different methods the CPC and others take or create to try and guilt women for no reason at all.

The CPC’s danger doesn’t just stop with abortion and lies, though. Over half of the 135 centers offer sex and relationship education to local schools. With religion being the core to CPC lies one can be rest assured the sex education classes offered are not ones to promote safe sex, but rather ones to try and scare kids into not having sex or making kids feel guilty for having very natural sexual feelings. As I’ve said many times before, teens are going to have sex if they want to.

Pretending it won’t happen and staying naive to your child’s sexuality can put your child at risk. Knowledge is hat they need; truthful, helpful knowledge on how to stay safe, where to go for more information, etc- all while being taught that sex and reproductive rights are not shameful things to talk about.

Going to one’s parents to talk about contraception, going to the pharmacy for emergency contraception or doctor for birth control of any sort should not be something we think twice about. We have a responsibility to not only teens, but also to ourselves, to not let CPC or any anti-choice organization stop us from being able to access the contraception we need, and if that fails or when mistakes happen, we must demand to retain the right to abort any unwanted pregnancy. That is not only for the woman’s benefit but also for the benefit of the child she would be bringing into a world which is not ready for it.

Along with poor ‘counseling’ and the sharing of personal experience with abortion -which they could be making up anyway, given their track record of truth telling it wouldn’t be surprising. Bottom line and either way, it is done in an attempt to try and emotionally manipulate the woman into not having an abortion.

Instead of letting the woman know the actual medical procedure, they try to cloud her judgment with either religious guilt or something exactly similar. This is not fair, and is taking the woman’s right to make a good, unbiased choice. This is a crime against human rights and everyone needs to understand how dangerous these centers are.

Here is the link to the full report -> HERE

Please share with anyone you know- we need to ensure these anti-choice organizations are exposed for the liars and trouble makers they are.

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