Personal Vent Re: The Media & My Wish – a World Where More People Respect Survivor’s (All Types) Needs

I am so ashamed at the state of our world… People walk around with their head in the clouds, unconcerned for anyone but themselves, and too often, no concern or bother is shown there, either. I am not saying TV should be censored – I am venting (explained below) and while I am saddened and upset by so many people’s lack of care towards survivors, I do not expect the world to be changed for us. In the end, I suppose, this post is just my frustrations regarding the sadness I feel when I realize how little people do actually care and want to help those who’ve survived trauma, overcome it. You can’t say you want to help a person overcome something and then put a show on mocking it.

Unless you’ve experienced violence (any kind), sexual assault (again, any kind), you may not be able to understand what those things do to a person’s soul and mind, but it’d be nice if people could say…, ‘I may not have lived it, but I can empathize at the horror of what you’ve been through.’ By empathize, I mean truly try to feel the other person and their trauma, their pain and respect the boundaries they have to live in day by day to avoid triggers that open up flashbacks, dissociative episodes, etc. By no stretch of the imagination am I perfect, but, I am one of those whom live day by day walking on egg shells as to not remember too many things from my childhood.

One thing I avoid is TV. People watch it, praise it- I see it as overall a waste of time and a sick way that successfully brainwashes the masses. But even if it weren’t for those reasons, there’s a deeper reason I avoid TV so much- 1) women are treated like sexual objects (and it upsets me even further that they allow themselves to be treated in ways that impact all women in one way or another. 2) Violence, rape and sex are watched without a second thought as to what those scenes are actually like in reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all movies or TV. Randomly something will come on and I’ll glance up from reading or whatever I am doing and watch it, happily. This post is sparked by a show someone had on last night as I was reading. The show of only 6 episodes (that would be the best part about the show, at least it’s not on going…to my knowledge) is called, Nathan Barley and had Julian Barrett in it, with the hope of Noel Fielding (artistic inspiration)-so I figured I’d put my book down, watch & hopefully have a new, silly show to enjoy with others. I was painfully wrong.

The show left me feeling violated, ashamed of the human race, and, after episode 3 and a horrible childhood flashback was over, I was left deeply dissociated, suicidal and hurt. I watched no more nor do I intend on it.

Today, I am angry that anyone could find a positive side to the pointless show. As I’ve said I am not a ‘TV lover’ but there is the occasional show that I really enjoy. I don’t tend to just sit and watch but it gives me good vibes as I go about work or whatever else I’m doing. One of these shows is The Mighty Boosh – love the show and as briefly noted above I adore Noel Fieldings in general for his artistic creativity. I feel so disappointed that he’s in the show. Even if his character was up to par with his usual stuff, it hurts realizing even people I respect honestly have no clue to the realities of real hardship.

One may think they can argue some of the things in the show, such as parts where people were betting on different ‘pains’ or etc for the poor and homeless people to inflict upon themselves, much like, for example, the very real “Bum Fights” (I believe that’s what it was called), are symbolic and are to remind society just how sick people really are- to remind us of the heartless nature in which a greedy, heartless society works. But with the lack of intellect along with the lack of good taste, the last thing anyone involved in this show wanted to express was care or concern. From porn scenes to exploiting violence and death, I’m so saddened that people mindlessly push this crap out, not caring whom it hurts.

Yes, I’m all for choice and freedom of expression. By no means do I think there should be people protesting the show be burned. It was the wrong choice for me to watch, I am sure some people love the show. More power to them. But to me, it was nothing more than a reminder of how little people truly understand the suffering of others. Scenes such as the porno scene shouldn’t bother you, people will say. Despite the disrespect towards women, it should and does bother me and until the people whom feel it their duty to judge the pain the mocked by the violence and uncalled for sex, they can’t say they do truly emphasize with others.

It angers and saddens me that people think we are supposed to accept things because the TV shows it, it hurts that more people aren’t understanding towards how it may impact survivors of all forms and it hurts even more that I must regulate so carefully what I allow myself to watch to save myself from the triggers the media so carelessly throws on the TV.

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