Personal Goal Regarding Abortion Providers & My Possible Joining Them….

I’ve come to admire more and more those whom put their lives on the line to help women obtain a medical procedure that not only helps the woman but also saves the fetus from being born when the time is not right, thus sparing it a life time of turmoil. My actions in having an abortion an abortion I don’t regret one bit, of supporting abortion fully and writing about it as well as making videos with the intention of reminding women we are not any of the things the anti-choicers and religious zealots would like for us to believe we are has led me to some wonderful messages and the meeting of some wonderful people; even a few anti-choicers who have the decency to agree to disagree (sadly finding these people have been rare, but hey).

And though I make it clear I can’t make the choice for anyone considering abortion, though I always say not to listen to anti’s, not to listen to me but instead to listen to your heart, for you and only you know what is right and what is not right for you, somehow the majority of anti’s continue to send hate filled comments. I enjoy them, because they just prove me right – anyone that hate filled and angry is not someone any one should be listening to.

Someone once asked me what would I have done had abortion been illegal when I had mine. I will answer with this: I would have tried more extreme methods of self abortion and if none worked or I didn’t die in the process, I would have killed myself. Plain and simple. I am not saying this is what women should do! Not at all- that is the point of this post, finding ways to help women in states where abortion access is not available either access it elsewhere or learn how to safely do it at home.

That may sound like an extreme act; teaching women how to self abort. But millions of women do not need to die again due to inaccessible medical care. It is our choice, our bodies and the fetus inside us deserves to be born when (and if) the woman is ready. No child should be brought into this world unwanted, unloved. Adoption is not the answer, but that’s for another post.

So if the government and these anti’s are going to try and take our right to safe, legal abortion away- it is only sensible that we learn how to do these same procedures safely so no more women have to die because the church and government think their place is intruding in a woman’s life and body.

It is far better that we understand how- that we have access to antibiotics and other medical equipment. This would save lives, so if someone claims to be pro-life, this should not be a problem to them, either, aye?

I have seriously been considering going back to medical school to learn all I can to provide knowledge as well as safe procedures for women. The main battle is money, but where there is a will, there is a way. I understand I can’t help every woman, but think of all the good we all could do if we shared with women who can’t access clinics and doctors the safe ‘how to’ – emergency numbers governed by pro-choicers who have knowledge in abortion procedures in the event something does go wrong. We must organize & plan to the best of our ability.

We can’t fall back into the same painful place we were before. This time we need to organize and educate ourselves- that is the best way to win this war against women and our rights.

And as always I’ll end this by stating the truth: if you have had an abortion(s) or are considering it- you are not evil, you are not bad. These are just pitiful attacks the weak minded want you to believe in an attempt to try and get you to do what they want. They are not concerned for you or your health, nor are they concerned with the child once it is born. They only seem to care for the fetus, but once it becomes an actual child, that care fades. Disgusting.


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