There is No Correct or Incorrect Response to Abortion

There is absolutely no correct or incorrect way to respond to your abortion. Maybe you will mourn, even when you know it was the right thing to do. That’s okay. Maybe you will just go on about life as if nothing happened. That’s okay. There is no ‘correct response’ to abortion. And though it may evoke different emotions in different people, it by NO means is traumatizing or severely emotionally disabling!

Today I received possibly one of the most insane messages ever. It was something along the lines of abortion leaves the woman “so traumatized” that only Christians can help. I literally laughed out loud as this is absolutely absurd, yet scary, because I wonder how many women fall into believing that is truth?

I can only speak of my experience and quote the numerous experiences of other women: most women feel relief, not regret, after abortion.

I remember coming back around (I was put to sleep for my first abortion) and waking up feeling so, so relieved. Though with the first abortion I did mourn a bit, I realize more and more each day I mourned because it was people expected me to do. Anyway, that day both when I was rolled into the surgery room (late-term abortion) I was so thankful, I remember asking the nurse with tears in my eyes, “so when I wake up I won’t be pregnant anymore?”  With a gentle and caring smile she said yes. I felt so much relief I wanted to sob.

When I woke up I felt more relief than ever. I had my life back, my freedom back. There is a wonderful online forum for women who have just had an abortion that doesn’t bring religion, politics, etc into the scene- they accept you just as you are, no matter you religion, beliefs, etc. They also monitor it closely so even if a hate-filled person came (which I’ve never seen) they would quickly be removed. It is a wonderful place, please see my “abortion resources” and look for the pass boards.

Though abortion, especially late-term, is a medical procedure that can bring up some emotional stuff (for some women- not all and that’s normal and okay!);  it is only worsened by religious lies and misguidance. If these morons really cared for life they wouldn’t attack people when they need love, even their “bible” teaches that. Secondly, they wouldn’t believe in bringing a child into this world unwanted, damning both the woman and child to unnecessary pain and neglect. They would want better for both the woman and child to be. But all they seem to moan about is the fetus having a heartbeat. Yeah, well, so does the woman caring the fetus, and she comes first.

The only “accomplishment” these people do is cause unnecessary negativity, and that is what I want to devote myself towards; making sure as many women as possible don’t have to fall victim to these Christian lies. It doesn’t stop future abortions, either. I am proof of that. I’ve had two abortions -both were with my husband- and each one was a blessing not only for me, but in knowing I did the right thing to prevent trauma and unneeded pain to someone else.

As a side note, yes, I am well aware that it is not just Christian’s behaving like idiots, but the majority of hate-filled people I come across are Christians.

So, as always, remember anyone who is filled with hate isn’t worth listening to- they don’t know your situation or your reasons and they don’t need to. Nor do I. Nor does anyone but you! What it comes down to is not what others think, but what you know and feel in your heart to be right. And if that is abortion, there is not one thing wrong with that!


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