Appeal Made Against 47 Yr Old Teacher That Raped His 14 year old Student

Last year a trial against Stacey Rambold, the disgusting teacher in Montana –age, 47- for the rape of his 14-year-old student, Cherice Moralez came to a horrifying end. He was sentenced to only 30 days in jail, all while he continued to blame her for the rape.

During trial this creep continued showing his guilt and sickness by continuing to blame the young teen, both verbally and in arguments his attorneys submitted which stated the victim should also be made to take her share of responsibility in the crime… Unbelievable, isn’t it?

For those who don’t know, the young girl, Cherice Moralez, shortly after tragically ended her own life. Those documents and claims were all made prior her death. I don’t see how any of them from the judge to the lawyers who represent this sick person can sleep at night.

He should not only have been tried for rape, I’ve said this all along. He should be tried for murder or assistant murder or whatever the legal term would be for being the reason someone hurts so deeply, is haunted so tragically, that they kill themselves.

Rambold accepted “Sex Offender Treatment” in order to avoid prosecution for his sinister crime. There shouldn’t even be such a thing as “Sex Offender Treatment”! It’s been proven, sociopaths and psychopaths cannot change; they have no conscience but can fool others into thinking they’ve changed. A rapist cannot have a conscience; how could anyone with one do such an evil thing, blame the victim and feel no remorse over his actions? No body who has goodness inside of their being could do this to another. It’s a crime in itself that “Sex Offender Treatment” is available for rapists to use in order to avoid jail or prison time.

This sleaze had the impudence and arrogance to blame this teenage girl for the rape, in court, and all he was given for his sexual crime (not to mention murder), was a month in jail. The judge even knocked off one day of his sentence!  What was his reason for only giving this sicko a month? Because she, quoting the overseeing judge,

“appeared older than her chronological age.”

… Even if she had been older, that does not make rape acceptable! Rambold, who insisted they should both take equal responsibility -that is, him and the child– was released back into society last September. He is now back on our streets again.

A sexual criminal, a rapist, one of too many, walking freely while there are people rotting away in prison for drugs; people who need help…not punishment.

The system is backwards. People who are a threat to society should be in prison, so why is this so called man walking free along with countless others? Something is wrong when the system lets an admitted rapist out of jail in a month…

There is some hope for justice, however, as the case is back in court. Hopefully this time the judge will be one of some decency and rightfully lock him away. What if he had done this to your daughter? What if you no longer had your daughter because she felt there was no other way to end the pain than suicide? What if her case was treated like this young girl?

The office of Attorney General Tim Fox is appealing the Rambold’s sentence, taking it to the Montana Supreme Court. Like any of us with a heart, Tim Fox seems truly outraged not only over the obvious rape and death of the young woman, but at how the defense and Rambold blamed her during his trial. Assistant Attorney General Tammy Plubell stated the following:

“Rambold continues to perpetuate the myth that a 14-year-old girl should bear responsibility for her sexual victimization by a 47-year-old teacher. The law, though, rightly defines her as blameless.

Though he escaped prosecution by accepting “Sex Offender Treatment” he has since violated the terms of agreement… How? By continuing to visit unauthorized relatives’ children as well as having sex; she was an adult, but because it violated the terms of this “treatment” the case is now reopened –thankfully– and Attorney General Tim Fox is appealing the case to the Supreme Court in Montana.

Let’s hope for once justice will be prevail, taking a cruel and threatening criminal off of our streets.

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