Only Safe and Unsafe Abortions Exist- There Will Never Be NO Abortion

unsafe-abortionHowever we already know this – when abortion was illegal between 1900-1973 1 in 3 women were aborting; the same number we see today. The difference is illegal abortion or back alley abortions can and do kill, unnecessarily. Anti’s are so hypocritical; this is why I refuse to call them “pro-life”. The term “pro-life” suggests one cares if a person lives or dies. When you have a group of people who care more about an unborn fetus than a woman’s rights or life; a group that cares more about a fetus than what the soon to be child kind of environment it will have to then live and grow up in, knowing more than likely it is unwanted, that is anti-life to me; not pro-life.

Pro-life is caring about the woman, her life, her choice, her emotions, what she wants and knows inside to be the right thing to do. The term pro-life means caring for a life, not wanting women to die. And if they wanted women to live, they would mind their own business and disagree all they like, but not force their beliefs on others who have to resort to risky tactics and procedures. Being Pro-Life would mean you care for people, and don’t want suffering… But instead of promoting healing, understanding, comfort and acceptance, they attack women outside of clinics with photo-shopped images and hate filled lies, they attack clinics like mindless teenagers (no insult to teenagers intended), stalking and in the most sick of cases, attempt or succeeding in murdering the abortion providers.

I have said before we need to have educated doctors teaching the masses what to do, safely. If abortion becomes illegal again, and for all those who must perform them now anyway thanks to unjust laws, it is best we know how from professionals, not “swing” it.

Reposting article below:

And only legalizing abortion — everywhere — will change that. That’s why lawmakers and public health leaders from over 30 countries have released a new declaration calling for the world’s nations to repeal all criminal abortion laws and “make safe, legal abortion universally available and accessible to all women regardless of age, income, or where they live.”

In 1994, at the UN’s International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, the global community declared that abortion should be made “safe where legal.” At the time, it was a groundbreaking commitment. But at a convening in Virginia this week, global leaders took stock of the progress that’s been made in the 20 years since and concluded that it isn’t good enough. Dr. Nafis Sadik, the secretary general of the Cairo conference, explained,

“The agreement [in Cairo] approaches abortion as an outlier in the discussion of women’s reproductive health, whereas we know very well that it is an integral concern to many women.”

As everyone — except, of course, anti-choicers with their heads in the sand — knows, outlawing the procedure does not stop people from getting abortions — it just makes them less safe. 21 million people have an unsafe abortion every year because they can’t access safe care. Since 1994, about 1 million have died and more than 100 million have suffered often life-long injuries from complications.

Let’s hope the nations of the world take note — including the US. As Elizabeth Maguire, the president of Ipas, which convened the meeting, says,

“This is an issue that knows no boundaries. Our focus has been on the developing world, but we’re very concerned about the regressive actions taking place in the United States and other countries that are currently installing barriers for women.”

After all, blocking access to both birth control and legal abortion is a sure-fire recipe for unsafe abortion. And here in the US, we seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

Original article HERE


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