Abortion Bans Kill; That’s Not Pro-Life – Why Can’t We Agree to Disagree Instead of All This Hate?

abortion bans kill
We know making abortion illegal or not easily accessible only hurts and kills women (obviously taking the fetus, too)…so for that reason alone I hate the term “pro-life”. How can they claim to be pro-LIFE if they don’t care that women will continue to have abortions, regardless of law. The amount of blood on anti’s hands from 1900-1973 alone also proves the exact opposite of what they claim to be, pro-LIFE.

Abortion by their own hands or the hands of someone their friend knows, we can look at the same time period noted above and see women not only can die, but do. Abortion is a safe procedure when done correctly, like most medical practice. But making abortion illegal is like making surgery illegal- it will still go on, but the majority would have no idea what the hell to do. Religion doesn’t belong in schools and it sure as hell doesn’t belong in the practice of medicine. It’s pathetic that this is such a big deal; if you disagree with abortion, don’t have one. But who are you to say what is right and wrong for me and my body, for me and my life? I will, as I presume many women will, take care of myself as needed. But it should never have to come to this; especially not again.

If they are going to make abortion illegal I stand by the belief that we as women need to know learn how to self abort. If women are going to do it anyway, it should be down with as much information and knowledge as possible. Knowledge about self aborting should be welcomed as it would save lives,

whereas going into self abortion with only stories heard and ‘how to’ guides online is going to make the needless number of death among women rise, again. We can stop this legally, but as we fight or if it becomes illegal again for a period of time, we need to know how to cope with it and not have a repeat of the past.

No matter what anti’s tell you, abortion doesn’t make you an evil killer. It makes you a strong woman that knows what is best for her life and that which is growing inside her. Anti’s try to demean women and make them feel they are horrible for a medical procedure that is just as sinless as knee surgery. Besides, how can they say we are evil when their actions show them as the evil ones… Who has a good heart and yet can go and try to breakdown anyone who is suffering? Who with a good heart could scream these absurd lies at women who are having medical attention with the intent to make that person feel badly about themselves? Even if I disagree with someones choice, if I saw them hurting or crying or whatever, I would be kind to them. I would put our differences aside and listen.

I’ve met one person that is pro-life whom I consider a friend. One. She’s one of the kindest people I know, actually. We can put our differences aside and see each other as women, as human beings. It’d be a nice change of pace if more anti’s and pro-choice could find a medium ground, if for no other reason than common decency. There is nothing right in trying to hurt someones spirit when they probably are already down anyway. What is Godly about that? How does that make them good people? It doesn’t; and it should remind anyone who hears their lies just how hypocritical they are.


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