National Webcast/Protests Abortion On Demand, Without Apology! Video & info…

For everyone concerned with the extremely dangerous (and sickening) state of abortion in America, please check out the below information and spread it to any and all you know! The date is April 11th and 12th…

April 11th starting live at 7 pm – 9:30pm EDT  there will be a national webcast/speak out, women’s abortion stories from all different walks of lives, time, etc will be shared. There will also be a ton of speakers (check out the flyer below; print it; share it please!). If you are in the NYC area, the address is on their webpage for you to attend! If you can’t attend, this event is being streamed live online!

On April 12th, there are protests being held in Seattle, NYC, LA, the Bay Area & more. As noted below, everyone is encouraged to join or host their own. For addresses of these speak outs and protests in major cities, check out the link below. If you’d like to participate but can’t join in the protest, please consider having a webcast viewing party with friends at your house. Again, the website explains all of this =) And you can access that website by clicking -> HERE.

abortion speakouts live streaming

Join in emergency protests in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, other places or PLAN YOUR OWN NOW.

Click the following link for more the PDF flyer (please print and share!) which has more information-> AprilAbortionNatlAnnouncement

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