Raped Ten Year Old Girl Denied An Abortion

A girl, ten years of age, in Ziguinchor, West Africa, has been denied an abortion despite her age and circumstances. The young child was raped by her neighbor & the government is now forcing extra punishment and torment on her by forcing her to carry twins. Senegal is one of the most deadliest places in Africa for women seeking abortion; a basic right of women being able to make a choice regarding her body and life, stolen. And it is tragically killing women and young girls needlessly.

Another case
regarding the rape of a nine year old child sadly resulted in her death during childbirth, because her young body couldn’t handle the physical trauma of giving birth. It should be common sense that this would and will happen; children shouldn’t be having children.

Just like when abortion was illegal in America -and anywhere else- countless women die every year due to having an illegal abortion. And if caught, the woman faces 40 years of imprisonment. What a moral legal system. Sounds too much like where America is headed.

In Senegal to obtain a legal abortion, three doctors must say the woman at hand will die without an immediate abortion. But as pro-abortion activists stated to the guardian, the poor are lucky to see one doctor in their life- three is practically unimaginable.

This is where I fear the American government is trying to place women and little girls as well. In a country where, once again, countless women needlessly die because safe (legal) abortion cannot be obtained. A world where we risk our own lives to abort because it is not right for the woman at said time for whatever reason. A country where women, like in Senegal, have no control over our own bodies, forcing us to have our rapists baby; even if the girl is pretty much just a baby herself. Not to mention laws active now which give the rapist the right to take his victim to court over custody of the child…

We shouldn’t need to give a reason for abortion- not in America, not in Senegal, no where! It’s our body, our life. And we sure as hell shouldn’t be forced to give birth because we were raped. Especially when the victim is a child! There is a war on women world wide- this poor girl deserves better, as do all women in her situation… Both in Africa, and America.

We must keep fighting against abortion bans, never will we go back in time. I hope places like Senegal will be able to rise up and value women as well. The man I call my role model and whom I’ve always looked to as a father figure, Tupac, says it best in “Keep Ya Head Up” …. He doesn’t disrespect one soul in this song, except all those who treat women wrong. Wish there were more men like him.

“And since a man can’t make one, he has NO right to tell a woman when and where to create one! So will the real men get up? I know ya fed up ladies, but, keep ya head up.” – Tupac

To read more on the above cases, click here.


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