Abortion Does Not Make You Evil, Nor Does it Make You A Killer. Something to Consider….

If you feel down about yourself because of the lies anti’s shout and spread, please consider the following things… While there are many more reasons (you can find them in my videos) you shouldn’t believe anything an anti shouts at you, their hypocrisy should be considered. To believe someone’s words we have to believe they are a reliable source. Christian extremists are so hypocritical, not only in their actions, but even when it comes to their own bible.

So first, my brother-in-law, whom I am so blessed to have, sent me this today and I find it enraging that this isn’t mentioned more: not only are these people hypocrites, but they even contradict their own bible. Not that I agree with what any of it says below, I don’t; in fact I find it rather disgusting and wrong. But I digress.  It shows exactly what I tell women all the time; they are hypocrites, they are full of lies, and that the woman who has the abortion is not evil, not a killer, etc.

abortion and christians
So where does it say abortion is a sin, anyway? … And is it just me or do these statements seem a bit more harsh and cruel than having a medical procedure done?…

Abortion is a choice made from each and every heart with compassion, love, and dreams of life. Abortion is life saving, in the literal sense and in the sense of, a woman gets to keep her future. Abortion even saves the fetus, as if it were to be born unwanted and unloved, or into an environment harmful for it, or to be placed up for adoption when adoption is -in my personal opinion- a horrible form of torture, especially since the actual act of adoption doesn’t occur often enough (which is why adoption agencies are over flowing with unwanted kids living in dangerous, traumatizing, overcrowded homes).

Abortion is not inhumane; abortion is the most humane thing a woman that knows it is right can do.

Consider this…
If a person is struggling or hurting, do you want to comfort them or attack them, even if you disagree with their personal choices, do you want to bring more pain and hurt into their life, or do you want the best for them, and either leave them alone or ask them if they need a shoulder to cry on?

A truly evil person in my eyes are the ones outside clinics bashing doctors and moreover patients for having an abortion. They have no care for human life, that stops the minute the fetus is born. It isn’t about religion because their bible speaks not only  of aborting but killing actual children. What anti’s truly are at the end of the day is people who want women to “stay in our place” and let men rule. Anti’s spread lies and try to scare or emotionally guilt trip women into feeling bad about a very normal and common procedure, just like so many of them do with their religion.

If you are struggling with feeling like the anti’s words are true, please rethink the situation… Look at the facts and look at how they act, versus how pro-choice and just every day people act. No good hearted person could stand and try to demean and humiliate a woman as she goes to do what is right for her and that which is growing inside of her. What makes them think it is their business, anyway?

It does not matter what your reason is or was for abortion, late-term or early. You are not evil, you are not a killer, you are not a bad person. If we are here to point fingers at who is bad let’s point them at the ones who truly are acting ‘bad’- those who try to hurt instead of help- those who try to impose on others via fear and lies rather than accept other people as they are.

They are wrong.  You are not. Be proud that you can stand against these insane people and do what you know in your heart is right. Their religion and their beliefs are okay- everyone is entitled to their own point of view. But these people take it over the line by attacking, harassing, and worse, killing innocent people.

That’s evil. Not a woman who goes for an abortion, for any reason.

More posts in a little bit 🙂


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