Me & Abortion Stories Over the Next 30 Days… Video

Last night I watched the webcast for Abortion Emergency and felt so moved by the stories of others, I have decided for the next 30 days (at least) I will read and share an abortion story. It won’t always be from the woman, sadly too many of them didn’t survive; so some will be from their children, friends, coroners and so forth. My hope for this project with me and abortion for the next 30 days is not only to open people up to the reality that abortion isn’t going to go anywhere and that it is far more dangerous than having a safe, legal abortion, but also I hope these stories help other women realize they aren’t evil, they are not murderers and they are not alone…

This 1st video is from Susan Wicklund’s book, a story her grandmother shared that moved me to tears when I first read it. I have skipped some parts where Susan speaks in between her grandmothers story, but not all. However, I am aware that I have left parts of what she said she was feeling or thinking as her grandmother spoke out. I did this for the sake of time and to keep the story in full focus 🙂

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