Abortion Is Not Evil – Anti’s Argument Has No Compassion or Validity. Video

I apologize in advance for my frustration and upset in this video 😐 But I am so sick of Anti’s thinking they are good people. Especially after speaking with so many women, hearing so many stories,… even though I’ve always deemed anti-choicers to be very cruel, after all I’ve learned from women like myself or in situations unlike mine, I have a deep rage towards their lies.

This is the last video I am making for Anti’s, just so everyone knows. Yes, I am rather annoyed and almost angry in the video lol, not because of the words spoken to me, but because I know how they impact too many other women -without any reason-. What enrages me the most is they have the audacity to call themselves good people and “pro-LIFE” when they have no concern or consideration for the woman, the fetus, the circumstances it would be brought into, etc. At the same time, they have the nerve to march around and try and demean women for making a personal choice, calling us evil.

If they are so holy, where is their compassion? If they truly care for the well being of children, why aren’t they out helping children in need, as opposed to attacking and trying to hurt other human beings?

*shakes head* I do not want to converse with them anymore. I know one anti-choice woman whom I can say I consider a friend. That’s because she accepts me and I accept her and we don’t see each other as anti’ or choice; we see each other as PEOPLE who disagree on a topic. We then go on and talk of other things, civilized.

Until Anti’s can be more like her, they will never, not once, convince me they have the best interest of anyone but themselves (and their “beliefs”) in mind.

Ignore my annoyance, please lol. Here is my annoyed and very last video I make ever for anti’s, as well as for people who’ve had abortions, reminding you what good and bad really are. Yes,
I am annoyed in this video, close to angry but not quiet there lol. I am annoyed not because anti’s try to hurt me –because they can’t, I’m very proud of who I am and my choices in this regard just as I know they are liars and wrong- instead, I am annoyed/mad because I know they have and do hurt other women whom aren’t as sure and certain as I am.

A good person doesn’t try to hurt other people. A good person doesn’t try to bring other people down or create lies to back up their “belief” such as anti’s do. So, last video regarding anti’s (at least I think lol) and why they are wrong, and we (those who are pro-choice or pro-abortion, etc) are not wrong.
Abortion is something I believe in very strongly. I am against bringing an unwanted child into this world I am against a woman having to give up her life and future because she has become pregnant and she doesn’t feel ready for a child, or simply doesn’t want a child. I am FOR children being born into a world where they are wanted and loved, not placed in torment simply because the woman got pregnant. We are not breeders. We have a choice, it is not murder, and I am not discussing anything more about this with any anti- it makes no difference for they don’t want to see truth, they prefer to live in their ignorant world.
Once birth occurs, they vanish. If you anti’s care so much, why not go help out all the thousands of children in need right now??? If you are so good hearted why not go help those struggling, help at risk kids? That’d be a much better way to spend your time, plus, it’d show some compassion.
Standing outside clinics and trying to make women feel like they are something they are not (i.e., evil, etc) is only making it more and more clear who the real “evil” people are. And it truly isn’t the women who are doing what is best for them and/or the fetus.

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