Schaible’s Second Child Dies As Parents Refuse Child Be Given Medical Care

I found the following photo on pinterest and think it sums these people, along with their kind, up very well. Also, feel free to add me on pinterest if ya want. Click HERE. I think it sums how I feel up pretty well.

TRUTHThis story makes my blood boil. I am proudly Pagan, and that is not an evil practice, contrary to so many Christians I encounters beliefs. They should thank me; it is the Pagans which these Christians get half their holidays from…  But I digress. Yes, I do believe in herbs and the like. But I also believe in modern healthcare and medicine. Moreover, I believe in knowing the time and place to use herbs VS seeing a doctor.

These parents refused medical care for two of their children, both children die. They refused the children to receive medical care, stating that their fundamental Christian God would do the healing as opposed to medicine.

Again, I am a proud Pagan, but I think anyone with any amount of sense would realize that if they truly have a “loving god” that god would want them to use common sense and get health care for the poor, suffering children.

What gets me more angry is these are the same type of people who have the audacity to say that abortion is evil? That abortion is a sin, murder and evil? Yet they are willing to let their baby, their child, lay there dying when there is medical help available? Two children at that? What a joke!

There is no comparing abortion and murder. What these people did, is murder. Having an abortion is a medical procedure at any stage and is not evil or wrong nor does it make you a killer. These two issues shouldn’t be on the same page but they are.

Why? Because the same people who do this kind of stuff are the same people who claim we (those who have or support abortion) are evil, wrong and “murderers”- I’d laugh if it weren’t so wrong and SICK.

Depriving a living child of health care when they are sick from illnesses that modern health care can cure – that is evil. So remember, once more, if these anti’s and/or Christian’s call you evil or a murderer for having an abortion; what do they call themselves for treating their children, now deceased, like this?

People may try to say, “well if we take the right of faith healing away then we are intruding on the people’s right to their faith and God.” I quote that from someone I heard say it, just to be clear. But in any case; how can these people think the government is wrong to intervene if a child is being neglected and not given proper health care….but also think it is wrong for the government to allow a woman to make her own choice? How in this universe can anyone say that letting children suffer and die because of lack of health care based on their parents insane choice is acceptable, but a woman making a responsible choice for her life and the fetus- that’s too much, that’s wrong…? That is absolute insanity, there is no logic in that.

A woman making a choice for herself and the well being of her life and the life of what would be a child is moral. Parents denying their children the right to health care until they die because of some fundamental religious belief that is wrong, that is evil.

The fact that they even dare look down on women making smart choices while they let their baby or children die is astonishing to me. Talk about wrong? Watching your child die when down the street is a free clinic to save the child’s life… That’s wrong.

Having a medical procedure because you are not ready -for whatever reason- to have a child, is NOT wrong.

To read the full post on this please visit here.

2 thoughts on “Schaible’s Second Child Dies As Parents Refuse Child Be Given Medical Care

  1. I definitely agree with you that letting their two children die was wrong. Using modern medicine isn’t saying God is powerless, it’s acknowledging the fact He can work through anything.
    I still believe abortion is killing (by legal definition it is not “murder”). But I also don’t call people who have had/support abortions evil. Please, don’t group all pro-lifers into the same, just I don’t group every pro-choicer in the same group. You have extremist on both sides- of anything.

    1. You’re very right; and I thank you for your comment… I went through a period where the only “Christians” I had contacting me (both in activism and in personal life/ childhood) where cruel and all were of one sort, the ones I now believe to not truly believe in much of anything. It was wrong for me to generalize, I apologize and thank you for writing. I hope you are blessed ❤

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