All Anti-Choicers Are Not the Same, So….

I know I said I wouldn’t speak about Anti’s again, but I need to make sure I am being clear… I know I sometimes let my anger towards those antis who try and hurt women or demean women take over. I want to say even though I highly disagree with the “pro-life” concept, not all of those who do are mean, bad or etc. So….

First, the majority of comments I get from Anti’s are filled with hate and failed attempts to make me feel like I’m a bad person. But I do not want these people to dominate; I want to be fair and honest; not all anti’s are evil or mean. Though I’ve only met a very select few, those select few give me a bit of hope.

I write this because it has been called to my attention a few times, people asking me to please not generalize and put all antis in the same category. When I write or make videos I just assumed people knew it has nothing to do with those who don’t have ill intent towards others because we disagree. I assumed people knew I was talking only of those who are horrible to women and abortionists.

But you know what they say about assuming. I apologize for not making it clear that any time I speak in anger about anti’s it does not mean I am speaking of them all. I know a few who are good people and don’t try to hurt others with their view: they believe as they do, but don’t attack others. I appreciate that; we need to learn to disagree while still maintaining a mature attitude. So I give my true apology to anyone who does not meet the criteria of the anti’s I speak of… My posts are not directed at you. My posts speak of those who harm women or try to with their actions and words. If this isn’t you, my posts are not an attack on you 🙂


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