Louisiana Rep Wants to Force Women to Read Lies Prior Abortion… This is Absurd!

I am not sure why this is not causing more of an outrage. Louisiana state Representative, Barry Ivey (R- Baton Rouge) has introduced a bill which completely ignores science and medicine but follows along the religious zealots belief in lies and using ignorance to scare women out of having a medical procedure.

His proposed bill would make it a legal requirement for abortion providers to give a woman seeking an abortion a pamphlet full of lies (I will explain below). Not only would she have to receive the pamphlet but also would have to sign, stating she had been given the ‘information’- equally disturbing is these pamphlets include numbers women can call before having an abortion (I am assuming they are organizations similar to the CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Centers)- if it isn’t them anyway.

At every turn they are trying to scare women out of making a choice that should be hers and hers alone, not influenced by anyone else.

This bill is in the state of Louisiana, obviously, and is House Bill 1262 or HB1262 and is currently
pending before the Senate Health and Welfare
. This is outrageous and terrifying. With no morals, they are using any tactics, even if it is lies, to attack women and try to make them fear abortion. This attack on women’s rights is low, even for their kind.

The saddest part of it all is how many women lack the scientific and medical facts regarding abortion. The reason for this is simple; it is because abortion is so stigmatized and taboo to talk about no one is learning anything, only believing the lies these anti’s spread. It’s time for us to change that.

I read the text for HB1262 and I found some interesting things, to say the least. A task force is proposed, but it is to only be made up of anti’s an anti-choice groups; no pro-choice groups can be involved, no abortion providers are allowed, either. If they are truly concerned about women’s health it stands to logical reason that doctors who know the procedures should be there… And if Anti-Choice groups are allowed to be there and give suggestions, so should Pro-Choice organizations.

What is in these pamphlets? Basically, he wants women to think that abortion will cause them severe and extreme mental distress or behavioral problems. There is only one little problem.

Multiple studies conducted for decades have proven time and time again that women whom have an abortion are no more likely to suffer from any new found mental illness after the procedure than those who do not have an abortion. And this includes late-term abortion as well as early termination.

So your mental state is not at risk if you are having an abortion. Just a reminder. 

Before I go on I would like to note that I felt a deep, comforting wave of relief after my abortion. I felt no regret, because I knew I did what was right for me, my husband and what would have grown to be a child. Not all women feel that way, and that’s okay. We all respond differently. No matter what your response to your abortion; there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

With that said, it has been found that women who are carrying an unwanted pregnancy tend to fall into deeper depressions than those who are ready for pregnancy. Additionally, women with previous mental health problems can suffer worse after giving birth; not after having an abortion.

Of course there are wonderful mentally ill parents; but the fact is, child birth does impact those who already have a mental illness, and in a lot of instances can increase the chances of it worsening.

In fact, Dr. Tim Kendall, the director of the UK National Collaborating Mental Health in the United Kingdom has analyzed women both who abort and who do not abortion from 1990-2011. The conclusion he came to is simple: women whom aborted were no more likely to develop mental health issues than women who did not have an abortion.

Going back to women with carrying an unwanted pregnancy, Dr. Kendall found that an alarming rate of one third of the pregnant women whom did not want the pregnancy began to suffer from severe depression. This is so extreme that he has warned officials the real problem that needs to be targeted is women who are pregnant and do not want to be. That is where the danger lies. Even though to me it seems obvious, it is good to hear a doctor state that he believes (as do I because I lived it) that mental illness(es) seem to be linked in with unwanted pregnancies; not abortion. He goes on to say,

“We should be looking at what it is about the unwanted pregnancy that is so problematic. We need to try to get those women help sooner so they’re not put at greater risk.”

I’ll end this by saying had I not had access to a safe abortion, I would be dead (I know a lot of you anti’s would like that, as you’ve informed me but sorry! I live on for now); either by suicide or an attempt at self induced abortion gone wrong. After the abortion was over, I felt great relief. It was the pregnancy that I was not ready for that was causing me such deeply disturbing and dark thoughts of death, not abortion. Abortion saved my life in so many ways. Had I not had access to the clinic that I did, I know certainly I wouldn’t be here today.

So, women who are wanting to have an abortion- don’t buy into the insane lies that abortion will give you some deeply scarring mental illness or cause you to suffer great distress! Science and medicine have proven that to be wrong; whether you have an abortion -be it late-term or early, you are no more likely to suffer from depression than those who give birth. That is a fact proven many times over.

A fact that anti’s conveniently leave out and cover up with some lies to justify their absurd behavior. Don’t buy it.

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