Google Does The Right Thing For Women, Wonderful News! Thank you, Google.

When I heard Google agreed to take down deceptive, lie filled Pregnancy Center ads, a rare joy ran through my soul. This means when women and girls go to look up abortion or unwanted pregnancies, etc, there will no longer be these misleading sponsored ads. Way to go, Google!

Now, before I go on, I want to address what this does NOT mean:
I have already had the sort of anti’s I can’t stand talking with trying to comment on this, and their argument is it’s unfair to women who may not want to have an abortion. This is total and utter BS. Pro-Choice websites have alternatives to abortion for those who don’t feel abortion is right for them. Unlike their (Anti’s) website,  most pro-choice websites give options and let the woman make the choice regarding how to go about their pregnancy.

What Google did was not remove the ads for all pregnancy options; they removed the ads that were misleading and lie filled. That is a noble, respectable thing. No woman should be lied to simply because an anti thinks they know what is best for other people.

Now that that is cleared up… Moving on!
For those who want to read more about it, I’ve posted the link an article below. I ask all of you who read my blog to please add your name to the names of thank yous to be given to Google on behalf of women’s rights. It takes less than a minute, literally. We must show our appreciation at this step forward, for as others have noted, the other side will surely be ready with lies and hate to attack. So, to add your name, click here. Thank you!

And for more information on this, here is an article posted in the Washington Post.

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