Women and Abortion are in an International National State of Emergency…

El Salvador and America seem more closely linked than I ever thought possible. And here is why.*

It is claimed that we, the United States of America, are among the most developed countries in the world. But more and more I can’t help wonder how in this universe that conclusion has been reached. We are “developed” – but yet, we are not really the “great and wonderfully developed country” American’s wish we were; at least not in my eyes.

I love America but not the people whom run the country, I also am ashamed that the government can’t get their act together and keep church and state separate; but I digress.

One very large reason I do not believe we are the developed nation we claim to be is for quiet a few reasons, but I’ll list only two for the sake of sanity. And sadly, one of the reasons is all too similar to that of the five countries such as El Salavador, whom deem miscarriage to be a murder.

to me, the successful development of a country means the citizens, all citizens, are taken care of in the most basic aspects; health care, food, shelter, safety, etc. That is something (along with so many other things) we are too far behind in.

Secondly, I know England doesn’t have a perfect government and I hear people complain about the NHS a lot, however, when it comes to abortion they take it very professionally and seem to treat women with respect, compassion and understanding. The NHS website for abortion is helpful, non-judgmental and welcoming; just as any and all medical practices should be, but especially those dealing with circumstances that need extra care and compassion, such as abortion.

America doesn’t have that same professional, medical attitude by any means unless you go to Planned Parenthood or private clinics; if you are lucky enough to have one around you. All of that to me is huge red flags suggesting beyond doubt we are limping behind others, not being a prosperous and “developed” country. More on that later, though.

Finally, we arrive at the similarity I see in El Salvador and America.

There are five countries in Latin America that do not allow abortion in at all, period; circumstances and reason all are irrelevant. This extreme has led to one of the five countries, El Salvador, making news due to the fact they even imprison women for suffering from a miscarriage. Hundreds upon hundreds of women who have suffered enough with their miscarriage are being punished for something that was out of their control.

It should be beyond clear that I support abortion for those whom want or need it, no questions asked. So it also should go without saying that when a woman is pregnant and a complication occurs and the pregnancy fails; it is not her fault and she is suffering enough!

When a woman wants to have a child I can imagine the pain is enough punishment for them on its own without having to go to prison! And yet…

Because El Salvador and the other 4 countries in Latin America do not allow abortion for any reason, they have made miscarriage a form of abortion; which it is completely not! Instead of offering the woman comfort, love and someone to talk to, she is taken from the hospital straight to jail under the accusation of “aggravated homicide”….

That is simply outrageous. Miscarriage is a traumatic thing for women who are wanting a baby, with hormones racing already depression and other mental issues are a serious risk. Women need time to heal. Instead they treat us like we are nothing. All over the world, this is how women are treated and I want to know why. We go through the most trying and difficult hardships, we try to do the right thing, but end up being the punching bag for men and the legal systems. I’m fed up.

Of course I deeply feel for the women in Latin America, and you can read more about their plight and horrible struggles by clicking here (opens in new window or tab). But because I live in America I can’t help but wonder a couple of things.

First, unless you were outraged and are outraged over states such as Mississippi, Georgia and Utah trying to make miscarriage a crime just as it is in Latin America, you have no right to speak on the issue. This is recent and ongoing, for the unaware. And need I add sickening? America is acting no better than these five countries in Latin America, and it’s shaming. This country appears to be on its way back to treating women like objects and breeders as opposed to what we really are; extremely strong humans with a brain and a soul.

Having abortion illegal is a crime in itself; but making miscarriage a crime, a “murder” crime at that, is down right sick and a slap in the face to every single woman alive. I’ve seen women sob over the loss of a pregnancy. It is not their fault, miscarriages happen; in fact we have more miscarriage than we even know.

It is far more common than not for an egg to be fertilized but then, for whatever reason, miscarry before the woman even has the chance to know she was briefly pregnant. So is that murder too? How can you murder something you know nothing about?

Of course it isn’t murder; just as abortion isn’t murder. Yet the Anti’s who have nothing better to do than attack women, along with the Anti’s in government want us to believe not only that we are responsible for murder in both situations (which we aren’t- no murder occurs anyway) but that we are worth less than the ground they walk on for believing in ourselves, for having aspirations and dreams, for wanting to be able to provide a child we bring into this world with the things it deserves. What’s worse is they want women who are excited about having a child yet miscarry, through absolutely no fault of their own, to feel like they are criminals and murderers.

Of course neither woman is anything bad; especially a murderer be it abortion or miscarriage. However, the woman whom suffers a miscarriage is a woman who needs more moral support for she was ready, where as the other woman was not, and if she is like me and many other women, the abortion brought her relief, not grief. To give her more grief is an evil I can’t even comprehend.

What makes this situation in Latin America all the more real and scary is these same principles and ways of thinking already have made their way into state governments in the USA. How long is it before we are not only forced to self abort or have a back alley abortion, but also how long is it before we are also imprisoned for miscarriage?

If we don’t stand up and fight in what ever way will get results we are going to find ourselves in an even worse predicament than we are in now. We need to take action and get our rights back, and then we can focus on helping women all over the world. Right now, we need to make sure we keep these insane laws and people out of our medical lives.

Though no country has it all together, America seems to enjoy discriminating. A few more things before I go that we need to seriously work on before we should be considered “developed” are things like:

Equal rights and ending racism. Women’s Rights. Police Brutality. Health Care. Poverty. Housing and homelessness. Child abuse. Free and honest education at all levels. Domestic Violence. Finally, abusive partners along with rapists and pedophiles get a slap on the wrist and their name on a website but can walk free; while someone who smoked weed rots in prison for a decade… That doesn’t even hint at “developed” to me.

The right to ones body is our own and if we were truly “developed” we would have the right to answer whether we want a child or not; and if the answer is no, we should, in a developed country, be able to say no, I want an abortion, without fear, harassment, accusation, punishment, etc. That’s development.

America apparently still has a long, long way to go.


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