And Soon….

The past few weeks have been insanely busy and hard, however, I hope I now am getting back on track. And! as always, thank you to all who have remained by me through the trials I go through, causing a sudden silence on my page and YouTube.
The main reason for this post is, I get a lot of people asking me why I am anti-adoption (I am anti-adoption but I believe people should have the choice to give a chiadoptionld up if that is what they want; unlike the hate-filled people that harass innocent women, I don’t think I should force my opinions upon anyone). I am almost done with it, as well as having information to back up the beliefs I have.

If you are a frequent visitor to my page I am sure you know I suck at deadlines so I won’t say when, just that it should be up within the next few days 🙂  And have no fear; I will be making a video for all the anti’s  to watch (still don’t know why they are forgetting they can stop watching it at any time…) so they will have a new reason to write me their same, boring and predictive hate messages. =)

abortion is legitThat brings me to my next topic, lol. I have, over the past few days, received even more mail from anti’s and each message, email, etc I receive from these type of anti’s makes me want to let others know not everyone who disagrees with abortion is as horribly cruel and evil as those generally encountered. I want to make a video but I’m not sure I can today, however, I am gonna try to…Additionally, I am going to try to also read another story of abortion from before Roe V Wade.

The next thing I want to say is I have created a separate page for domestic violence & other issues, mainly addressed towards women. I will be linking that up soon 🙂

Alrighty so that’s that, I have no forgot this page, I am not ignoring anyone, I am still me, and sadly for those whom wish death upon me, I am still alive and kicking, as they say; with a smile, nevertheless.

Thanks again for staying in touch even when I am struggling to keep myself going, you all (or I should say, all of you people whom are not filled with ignorant hate) are my reason for living. I appreciate each and every one of you and am crossing my fingers, hoping by tonight to finally have some new stuff up.

Love to all…. Yes, even you whom hate me! 🙂

10294382_706594792726389_8522315500977688055_n^^^^ Don’t let the Anti’s whom try to hurt you with their meaningless, hate-filled words and actions make you feel less about yourself. They must be very bitter, lost and self loathing deep inside; for no one with a heart could act as the anti-choicers whom attack women, staff, doctors and so forth as they do.

You are better than them no matter their religion or who they are. Anyone who is hateful and demeaning, especially during a time of need, is not worth your attention… Please, don’t let their hate filled lies bring you down.


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