Caring, Non-Judgmental Abortion Resources & Support Page Updated!

Even though the resource page I speak of is on this website, may as well post the video about it here too, I suppose =) I’d also like to note, I am working on a larger article to post soon but among all of the studies I’ve found each and every one done by a credible source has made absolutely no connection between abortion and mental illness, especially long term mental illness. That is just another lie anti’s try to use to scare people with. If they were honest, they would note that it is actually women that give birth whom suffer the most mental problems, but more on that in a later post.
The reason I made the page to support those who’ve had, or are considering, or etc and feel they need someone to talk to that understands and won’t judge, no matter what their feelings are, you can find people just like you on this page. If you have any questions or any sites you think I should add, inbox me on YouTube please! I will be updating the page regularly but if I’ve missed one you have found useful, by all means, please send it my way so I can share 🙂 Thank you!!!

May as well link you guys to the page as well lol, click HERE for the resources page, scroll down a bit to ignore my praising doctors that give abortions, and the links with brief info shall begin 🙂

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