Missouri’s Attempt to Control Women & Abortion, Rape or Consensual

Missouri lawmakers have been so busy creating and proposing such a high number of abortion restrictions experts are literally struggling to keep track of them all. The Senate voted down the amendment to exempt rape victims from abortion for the proposed waiting period of 3 days after… That is three times longer than the current time of 24 hours.

The reason this bill was rejected, the Republicans say is because no one wants to “talk about the unborn child”. State Senator Slater even added he believes whether it is rape or a fetus from consensual sex, they both have the same rights. But they should not have ANY rights; they are unborn.

Unborn. One of the definitions according to Merriam-Webster for unborn is: existing without birth; still to appear; FUTURE, not yet born. Without being born, you don’t have a life, and without having a life, you cannot be murdered. That’s my conclusion anyway.

Even if you still consider an unborn fetus
to be a being with a life, why do you not stop and think about the quality that fetus will have once it is actually born and actually a child, baby, infant, etc?

The act of giving birth (i.e., controlling women) is the sole focus here, not what is in the best interest for the fetus and definitely not what is in the best interest of the mother!

TRUTHIf they must include the rights of an unborn, yet to exist being, these rights should be put second, no question asked; second to the mother and how she feels. The one who matters the most here is the one who is living and breathing and potentially suffering.

Before I end this I have to say, that applies to women who want an abortion, period! You don’t need a reason other than it’s your business and it’s best for you thus it’s best for the fetus and that’s that.

The rights should not even be in debate! They should not be the choice of the court, the religious or anyone else; the choice should come down to the MOTHER. Talking about what a fetus might think of the current legal debate is stupid and absurd. When a child is born it needs his mother there to take care of him. To make choices for him, ‘don’t touch! hot!’ So what IF a fetus were able to give it’s opinion, what do you think it’d be??? I think it’d be silence, myself. It’s not born, it’s not ready; it’s a fetus.

Something that is yet to become a living, breathing, screaming and crying child does not have the same right as the WOMAN who has it growing within her. And if we are going to speak of rape let’s not forget her rapist can take her to court for custody in over 20 states, so she would have to deal with him as the court sees fit, she will have to look at a constant trigger, which maybe some women are fine with but I would not be able to do it.

It is a woman’s right to decide, no one else and the fact that we even have to write things like this let alone debate them is beyond sickening!

I’ll end this with even more proof that these people have lost their minds. The Senator whom introduced the above mentioned bill in January stated women deserved to wait at least 72-hours to abort because, like the knee surgery he is planning to have, it is the, “same thing”….

No. It’s not. Not unless someone violently violated you and then impregnated your leg; meaning, you have a life about to pop out of your knee that you’re going to have to maintain and take care of and look at for the rest of your life. Unless that is the case, it sure as hell is not the same thing. Be it rape or any other circumstance.

And yes that was an absolutely ridiculous thing to write. But that’s the point; everything anti’s bring to the table is just as ridiculous; in this case, comparing knee surgery to being raped and getting pregnant is basically saying the above scenario is true for the both of them. It’s all sickening and it comes down to them wanting to control women, keep us in our place, and go back to having women making babies and supper while the man makes all the “real” choices.

For more information on this idiotic bill and the state of Missouri’s war on women, please click here.

And for more on the 20 other pending bills in Missouri against women’s rights… click here


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