When An Anti Doesn’t Want to be Pregnant…

I wasn’t going to put this on my page since I’ve posted so much today, and plan on making a video (no promises though lol) tonight… But so many women have responded positively to this, I gotta share it.

What happens when an anti-choicer finds herself pregnant and when she doesn’t want to be? The actions in these women’s stories say enough to me to let me know there is a great majority of them who, when it comes to it, wChoiceould have an abortion; but the aftermath, going back preaching their hate after secretly aborting their pregnancy…simply shows they are against abortion because their religion, family, friends, etc expect them to be, and they aren’t strong enough to stand up for what is right, for whatever reason.

More and more reason why those of us who have had abortions, those who will, those who are considering; no matter what these people shout at you or say to you, keep in mind they are not strong enough to stand for truth, and if they really believe what they stand for (life)they wouldn’t be outside clinics, attacking innocent women for having a simple, not dangerous or murderous medical procedure.

So, what DO anti’s do under those circumstances? …. This site should give you an idea =)

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