Victims of Victim Blaming, Rape, Abuse, etc… It’s Not Your Fault! Rape Culture Shows Itself, Once Again…

This school apparently thinks art speaking of the truth and reality of Rape Culture and Victim Blaming should be censored. In doing so, they are helping prove that it in fact does exist. Instead of praising her for finding an artistic way to speak out about her experience and the reality too many women live, her school censors her art out of concern for and I quote, “children”… Erm… To anyone whom -for an unknown reason to me- thinks women are not under attack…; it’s our voice, our facts and our stories against your imaginative words. Anyone who can’t see how this school responds to this girls artwork regarding rape culture and  how it only proves that Rape Culture does indeed exist, needs to look a bit harder and step outside of their own world for a bit.

As a side note, not only do I think her piece (see below) is very moving and beautifully done, I think she should be applauded for being brave enough to step out, talk about the issue and not be ashamed of that which is not her, nor any other victims fault. She is our future- and I wish her nothing but the best with her art and whatever goals she has….

Article Begins, Link Below.

Censoring a student’s artwork exploring rape culture out of a concern for “the children”? Yep, that sounds about par for the course for the US educational system.

Gracie Holtzclaw, a high school senior in South Carolina, was one of the young artists selected to display her work at the Greenville County Schools Art Exhibition this month. She told local outlet WYFF that she was really “excited” to be part of the event. But just a few days later, 18-year-old Holtzclaw was informed that her submission, which is entitled “Rape Culture,” wouldn’t be permitted to appear in the show.

This piece, for both title and content, was determined to be inappropriate for the District Show because the artwork is on display during a community event and can be viewed by small children,” a school district spokesperson explained in a statement.

In an interview with WYFF, Holtzclaw explained that her piece was inspired by rape-culture-arther own experience being sexually assaulted — and then blamed for it thanks to purity culture.


“I started at an early age at a Christian school, locally, and we were always taught that it was our responsibility as women to cover up and be modest, and if a man was to ever get aroused or turned on or be interested in us, it was our fault,” said Holtzclaw. “Eventually, I had gotten sexually assaulted. It was true when it happened. Everyone blamed me for it and told me it was my fault and that just led the way into this art piece.

“I know I’m not the only girl in high school that’s been sexually assaulted and felt like it was my fault, so I wanted to get the word out there and tell people, ‘It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault,’” said Holtzclaw. “Things that need to be talked about shouldn’t be taboo, because people struggle and we need to talk about those kind of things that people struggle with.”

So, basically, the whole point of Holtzclaw’s piece was to break the taboo around discussing sexual assault and victim-blaming — a taboo which was then perfectly illustrated by the school district’s response to it. Come on, people. At least we can help ensure that Holtzclaw’s piece — and important message — gets an even wider audience on the interwebs.

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