#AbortionPill – What Was My Experience ? What Happens? Video

Video I decided to make sharing what my experience was when I decided to have an abortion by taking the abortion pill or Misoprostol. I tell it exactly as it is, there is nothing gory or gross, as I note in the video, if you’re a woman you understand what blood is and you understand dealing with your period so mentioning blood shouldn’t freak you out lol. So, for anyone about to have an abortion or considering an abortion via the pill, this is my experience and exactly what I did. I hope it helps someone, if you still have questions, message me 🙂

Remember: you are NOT bad, evil, a killer, or any thing these anti’s would like you to believe. Abortion is not a horrible, evil ordeal; it is a medical procedure that gives women a SAFE option when legal to terminate a pregnancy when she knows it is the right thing to do.

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