Why I Love Emily Letts and A Few Words on Some Lies Anti’s Enjoy Sharing- Video

Another video, this time sparked by the wonderful Emily Letts and this article (click HERE), along with the negative responses so many people, including those who support abortion, have given. It blows my mind that people can attack her for doing something so courageous. Nothing graphic was shown, she did nothing wrong- as I state in my video, a lot of women that contact me want to know what happens once you take the pill; in fact, I think I am about to make a video about my experience with the abortion pill…  And so I did, you can watch it by clicking HERE or the viewing next post.

Anyway! that’s what many women ask me, what was it like, what can I expect… Emily Letts showed them what to expect if you are having the surgical procedure, and no matter if she was on birth control or not, mistakes happen, accidents happen.

This does not make her or anyone else a bad person, a killer, etc. It makes her and all the rest of us, human. That’s it. Not murderers, not evil, not bad.

Finally, towards the end of this video I go on to talk about a couple of lies anti’s want you to believe, such as you will no longer be able to have kids (untrue), increase of cancer and mental illness (untrue), etc. I also mention a few links, and here they are (opens in new tab):

Emily Letts on Not Regretting Her Abortion Video I Talk About, Click Here

The article regarding what happens when an anti doesn’t wanna give birth and how the art of hypocrisy I speak of in video can be found, HERE.

When a Fetus Becomes A Life & Why it Doesn’t Matter- Article I Spoke of… Great Read!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Emily Letts and A Few Words on Some Lies Anti’s Enjoy Sharing- Video

  1. and it’s a medical procedure… one, i might add, that is nothing like your fake videos lol. blood is involved, of course. but there is no child awaiting and crying inside.
    <<<soon to be abortion provider.

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