Why Aren’t Victims Of Abuse Protected More During Legal Cases? Video of Random Thoughts.

So, I admit, with disappointment in myself, I almost didn’t post this because just like abortion is stigmatized, so is domestic abuse and violence. Which makes it even more vital for people to speak about. So no matter how stupid I feel posting this, I am going to do it.

There is nothing really special about this video; it is just me questioning the sanity of the legal system when it comes to a victims right to safely give a statement and why the abuser must have access to their statement; especially when they still live in the same house. I don’t understand it, but I talk about that in the video so… there we are.
I have two domestic abuse projects I am currently working on, one dealing with the impact it inflicts upon children of all ages. Hopefully soon I’ll have the site I am dedicating to Domestic Violence up and the report up as well.
As noted at the end of the video, if I haven’t responded to an email, please bare with me, I have a lot going on at the moment and am rather behind in my emails, but by no means am I avoiding or do I think less of anyone, always know that.


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