The Truth About What Abortion Is and Is Not; Truth Made Very Simple- A Reminder That Abortion Does Not Make You Evil or Bad!

I found this on pinterest…a site I swore I’d never use until lately, and I’ve found it is actually rather useful. Anyhow, this is a simple photo but it is the truest of truths regarding abortion. It also is the reason I started this blog and videos… To hopefully remind women of what this image says; to remind women…You are NOT bad or evil or anything else negative for having an abortion! This little photo sums up what abortion actually does and doesnot make you very nicely. And truthfully. Never forget this;  having an abortion does not -for any reason or in any way- make you a bad woman!

truth about abortionAnd if you dare truthful photos and quotes you should follow me on pinterest by clicking here… 🙂


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