Baby Bou & Family Need Your Help After Cops Grenade Destroys the 19 Month Old’s Face…

As an innocent, 19 month old precious baby boy slept in his crib in Georgia very early Wednesday morning, he was woken by tragedy, pain and fear. I can’t imagine what he felt. For, what woke the baby up was a grenade a member of the SWAT Police had thrown in, landing in his crib.poor baby boy

Tragically, the baby (Baby Bou) was to be woken by that horrible act; I can’t even imagine how he must have felt. But, regardless of age, should ever be woken by. SWAT Police. What could a poor child have done so bad to deserve this? The answer is obvious; he did not a damn thing; he is just a baby.

I have to note, of course this is over the so called, “War on Drugs” better known as, the War on the People.

A SWAT team of cops broke into the house to arrest the adults for drug “crimes” but instead they tossed explosives into the face of an innocent baby, which landed in the crib with him; exploding in the child’s face.

His poor mother will be traumatized for life; as will he as one can only imagine!

His mother had to watch it all happen, knowing there was nothing she could do to save her son. She was helpless as she watched as her baby be gravely wounded with a grenade, and I am sure absolutely shell shock terrified, wanting his mommy. But she couldn’t move.

She stated the following:

“Everyone’s sleeping. There’s a loud bang and a bright light. The cops threw that grenade in the door without looking first and it landed right in the playpen and exploded on his pillow right in his face.”

What the hell was the purpose of that? How does violence resolve anything or help anyone, for starts!? Not to mention, cops are supposed to announce their presence before going off and grenading children.

The situation didn’t even call for a grenade! And again, the cops did not announce their presence before breaking in the door of the house. There was no need for weaponry, not that I believe they should have been there harassing people over drug offenses when rapists and murderers are walking our streets freely- but that’s another angry rant.

All of this makes me feel sick to the core; but, I digress.

Can you even begin to imagine how that pain must have felt; for the both of them!? And where are all you “PRO-LIFERS” at? What are you doing about THIS? Why are you not demanding justice for the SWAT team that inflicted such horrific damage to a baby and his mom?

Oh yeah! I forget; anti’s only care about the fetus; not the actual baby after it’s born. Guess that’s why they aren’t coming out of hiding over this. Pro-life my ass!

There is absolutely no justification for what this cop did. Yet, I read comments from a few morons trying to defend the police actions. How many bets he is a cop himself? It is a waste of time to try and say the SWAT team had a right to throw a grenade.

There is no argument, no reasonable reason for this kind of aggressive behavior; those who argue that he is under a lot of stress should consider telling him to get a new career.

And as soon as the cop gets his paid vacation for the criminal act and returns to work, given how other states have been acting towards honoring these “men”…. Sickly and sadly enough.
[[ I’ll provide links and stuff asap, I can’t look now; I’m worn out from I’m not sure how many days of no rest now. But I will find it soon.]]

Yet there are still somehow people defending the coppers actions. Why?!

Cops jobs are a lot safer than many others. And let us not forget, while the death rate of police officers is low, and despite not having a job that is at extreme risk of harm or death; still too many people fear them and won’t speak out against them, even though they know their actions are wrong.

In reality, it should be the children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, and so forth that we need to be concerned about; not the criminal who inflicted such tragedy on this child and his family.

Just as one can count how many cops die annually from gunshots, one can also count the amount of cop killings annually on only one hand. By contrast, you don’t have enough fingers or toes to count the number of innocent people killed in America annually by the police. And don’t forget! That number is just how many they actually murdered; it does not include beatings or those who struggled in ICU to get their life back. The number of attacks is sky high, as I am sure anyone with any sense can deduct.

A few people have tried to argue about this with me, they all say the same things. One of those things is:

“oh you shouldn’t let a few bad apples taint” your view of cops or cause mistrust of the police!”

Yes, I am aware there are good cops; but if we look at it in numbers, the ratio is far from equal. I feel far more safe walking down the street without cops to be honest. Not because I have anything to hide; but because I do not trust them. How is one to know who is one of the few “good ones”?

The majority of police I’ve encountered were the exact opposite of “nice” from beating to killing to harassing and more, I’ve not really seen a good cop in action.

Whereas, the victimization dished out by cops on innocent citizens from infancy to their elderly years (90s +) has been such a common crime I hear about in my life I can no longer be shocked by anything these “officers” do. So, while working at my former job to fight police brutality, I stopped counting years ago, literally, years.

There is no way anyone on this earth could convince me the majority of cops are “good” – that’s straight BS.. My experience working with a national Anti-Police Brutality organization; and my experience of life has taught me via witnessing too many crimes that it seems to be almost a sick initiation game to them. Tupac said the cops are the biggest gang in the city; I have to agree.

After the many years I spent working as a non-profit counselor for victims of police brutality as well as working on the legal aspect, I saw so much horror that never did or ever will make the news because the victims were too ashamed to speak out.

And what’s more, I’d bet right hand no one is punished; what do you think?

Of course Baby Bou is going to need a lot of medical attention, surgery and hospital care… Please, even if it is a dollar, a pound, whatever; please go to the following link (after quote) which will take you to their crowd sourcing page. They are simply trying to raise money not only to get by during this hard time (he has 3 other young siblings) but of course mainly they are raising the money to help pay for the numerous surgeries this precious little soul is going to have to under go because of the cops. 

I can’t imagine doing what these cops did and being able to sleep at night. What a disgrace. Anyhow, here is a clip from the page, and the link to donate or at least share the page on your site(s)…

Please think about it… What if this was YOUR child? Every little bit adds up…  And if you can’t do that, no worries; simply share the post so that hopefully people who can afford to donate for this baby will do so -and then ideally share it with their friends, too.
Quote from page and then link to fund raising page…

“Hi im trying to raise money for my friends Bou and Alecia for their baby who is in intensive care in Alanta. He needs lots of surgries and I wanna help raise money to help with bills and food and other things they may need..”  Please, Click Here to Read and Learn More or Donate/Share This Page with Others.

Thank you guys… And yes, I am aware this is not related to abortion, however, it does have to do with a poor, innocent child… And it makes me wonder where the hell all these “pro-lifers” are now?? What a joke!

For the latest, 7 hours ago from the time of this posting, there was an update on his page…

Updated posted by Holly Benton Wickersham 7 hours ago. Baby bou remains in intensive care, he will be having surgery on Monday..
please watch


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