Why Do Some Anti’s Stop Caring For Life Once the Fetus Becomes a Baby?

Please Take Notice! this post is in no way saying this child was unwanted!!! this post is asking why if people who say they are for life, they don’t HELP life?

Unwanted pregnancies happen all the time, 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in America, statistics show. So, 1 in 3 women will have a medical procedure done to terminate a pregnancy they are not ready for or do not want, for whatever reason; reason doesn’t matter, it’s not our business. After these women have their abortion they may grieve, they may, like myself, feel relief and become an Abortion Activist, they may be fooled into thinking they are bad, evil people because of the lies Antis shout at them. Research shows, however, that over 90% of women whom have had an abortion experienced relief after, not regret.

So, unwanted pregnancies will continue to occur, women will continue to have either legal or illegal abortions, just as we have been doing for thousands of years. It’s medical; it’s not a crime, it’s not a sin and it sure as hell is not murder! These women will go on with their lives and do whatever it is they have planned to do.
Maybe they’ll have kids when the time is right (abortion doesn’t make you ‘infertile’ by the way- maybe back in the days before Roe V Wade but now: no).  Or maybe they won’t; maybe she despises kids, maybe she loves them but is too busy to give one the needed attention and knowing they don’t want to be bothered with the responsibility of a child and focus on their career.

For knowing that you’d not be able to give what the child deserved yet doing it to be “pro-birth” is a crime against children in itself. 

Whatever the case, it’s not my job to pass judgment or even know why she needs an abortion. There is no wrong reason in my eyes. And life goes on as it has after women have this normal and common procedure. However….

Children face abuse every day, in all forms and can’t ask for help. Tragically, children die, pointless deaths at the hands of the REAL killers. Or they face the abandonment of adoption. And adoption? Ha.That’s not Pro-Life to me; that’s simply being selfish.

Finally, the most ironic tragedy is that antis call themselves, “pro-life”- why is this ironic? If the above didn’t explain it, let’s all go back to Wednesday and take a look at this precious 19 month old baby who had his face destroyed by a careless grenade tossed in by a police officer. The grenade landed by the child and exploded. He survived, thankfully, but is in tremendous need of medical attention and surgery. [[[ Click here for the story and photos; or you can share the following link while also PLEASE donating any amount of money for Baby Bou’s surgery and the families other basic needs. ]]]


I am very much against police negligence and brutality, I just have a separate blog for that. But seeing this poor child suffering at the hands of another human, a REAL child suffering at the hands of a GROWN MAN who is supposed to PROTECT children– seeing that yet seeing no “pro-lifers” protesting outside of his place of work reminds me a bit of how their bible works…It’s all so very contradicting.

Cops can kill or hurt adults or children alike; intentionally or out of negligence. They have a badge that lets them do it freely and yet still managet to escape it. Some people, like myself, stand against these officers, try to get justice done, try to expose them; and then there are those who do nothing because they are too busy posting lies on the internet or signs to march around with.

But hold on, if they really care for life then why the hell are they not out there protesting people who abuse real children and babies? Why are they not out protesting the police officers that abuse children, such as in this case (there are more, sadly)?

Is it because they know there will be no intimidating cops because they have a badge to kill? It is because they, like most abusers, try and target those who are at a vulnerable moment? I’d say it’s both; with a bit of, life isn’t really the issue when it comes to abortion. (Not all Antis, please note: I know there are some who disagree but are nothing like the Antis I speak of- thankfully.)

So, anti’s, you need to develop a new name first of all, for pro-life is laughable looking at your actions and how you treat others who need kindness not hate, who are having a medical procedure done, not abusing innocent children.

While I’m on it, all of the hate filled Antis, if you care so much for the life of a baby; why are you not running to aid a real child in need? Why do you instead head out to the local Planned Parent to socialize until  someone is seen headed towards the building; and as if they are all one joint person, each knows their duty and rushes to humiliate her.

a]      Woman coming up who may possibly be coming for an abortion, so quickly their conversation ends, picket signs of photoshopped or fake babies are waved around while verbally harassing women who’ve done no wrong; women whom are doing the best they can.

b] Deep down I truly believe we as women know when it’s right. Always follow your own heart; never listen to anyone else.

I’ve never respected anti’s as a group, as a whole, Anti’s in my opinion are hypocritical liars that for one reason or another are not set out to “save babies” (because a) there is no baby yet and b) abortion is not murder.

*NOTE* I say that, but I am not speaking of ALL Anti’s…oddly enough. I do respect two anti-choice women I’ve met thanks to YouTube and my blog. Religion isn’t shoved down my throat, not even mentioned. Abortion views aren’t forced on me, I am not attacked and they do not try to cause unnecessary guilt or self hate towards myself or other women whom have had an abortion. These are simply every day people who can disagree with me, and yet move on to other things in life. They can treat me with respect; even though they don’t agree with my personal view. If more Anti’s were like the woman I speak of, this world could be in a such better place.

To those women I know, you do have my respect, of course you can believe what you feel is right, I just want that same respect given back. So with that I’ll end this post with two questions.

1)      Again, antis, where are you for this poor child who has been so traumatically injuried?

2)      Why can’t more Anti’s and Pro-Choice get along and agree to disagree? Why must so many Anti’s attempt to force their views on others, just like so many religious zealots?

On top of that, why must they do it in such a way that they are hoping to hurt or guilt women into doing what they want; not what the pregnant woman wants?

4)    As I said; ladies, listen to your heart. Not Anti’s, not societies political BS, listen to your heart; there is where the answer is. You don’t even need a reason; if you believe it is right for you, then it is. That does NOT make you a slut, whore, murderer, trash, worthless, evil, baby killer, ETC.

If you feel it is right for you; all abortion makes you is, no longer pregnant, and, shows you a loving, intelligent, RESPONSIBLE woman!



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