Lizz Winstead on Being a Pregnant Teen & Walking into a Fake “Clinic”

This woman saw no worth in my growth. She was invested only in keeping me inexperienced, vulnerable, and insecure. And the hailstorm of fear she rained down upon me was to ensure I remained “manageable.” Manageable. Because in order to keep the world going the way she and her ilk liked it, I needed to become not what I wanted, but what they needed me to be. I turned my back on her that day….I didn’t know much about what was happening to me. But even I knew that was not pro-life. That was profane.”

Lizz Winstead, Lizz Free or Die, speaking on a fake clinic she went to during her pregnancy as a teenager.

She is one of my absolute biggest inspirations and in the video below she talks about being pregnant as a teenager; and the quote above will all make sense once you hear her speak.

I’m in the middle of reading her book “Lizz Free or Die” – when I’m finished, expect a YouTube video about it. I was going to read the chapter where she speaks about this, I may still do it…
Or maybe I’ll just rant. Who knows. Either way; it’s a shame she had to encounter such a horrible woman, but it is lucky she knew-and was bold enough-to walk away. These people, like the Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) and other fake clinics, lure young and poor women in and then terrorize them with lies and fire and brimstone speech, making them feel they’ve no other option, that to have a medical procedure (should that be what they want) is to commit murder (which it is not). Ugh.

The more we expose these Anti-Choice clinics and inform women of facts and medicine/science, the better our future as a whole, and especially as women, will be.

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