Amazon Set to Sell Emergency Contraception, Plan B!

Amazon is going to be selling the morning after pill, or Plan B! Excitement!

I am so thrilled to see that Amazon is selling the emergency contraception, Plan B. In America, after all of the struggle which lasted for decades to have this medication given out over the counter, last year we finally won and it hit American pharmacies nationwide, as an over the counter product.  [Please take note and remember your rights from the photo below- don’t let anyone deny you of your choice. Emergency Contraption like birth control is not in any way a bad thing. Again, Plan B is available to women of ALL ages now…]

plan b contraceptiveNot only is Amazon going to be selling this emergency contraceptive; it is going to be selling it way cheaper than it used to be/is at the pharmacy; that price ranging from between $50 and $65- however, Amazon is going to be selling the emergency pill for just $16.90! That’s amazing to me; and comforting.( Side note: I have to add this but erm, when I had to take Plan B in England, it was free and so easy. The pharmacists there were kind, quick, professional and non-judgmental. I’m an American -obviously- and can see when other countries have it together more than us. So, America, you need to be taking notes from the UK on certain women’s issues. Cough. Cough.)

And it’s not only the convenience of being able to buy online. There are deeper reasons this is a huge win for anyone who supports women’s rights and the morning after pill. A few examples follow…

Since the court ruling for Plan B to be made accessible without age restriction and without a doctors prescription, still it’s been seen that for those under the age of 17, certain places -despite age restrictions being lifted- have been young women of the pill. states:

“The lack of straightforward information about the new guidelines contributes to the pervasive notion that emergency contraception is scary and tricky, Arons and Cleland said, even though studies show it’s safer than Advil….
Because of political interference with Plan B, we have major confusion about who can purchase it and whether these products are safe,” Arons said. “It feeds into histrionics.” Dispel the myth by passing this on to the teens in your life.”

And many people, again, despite the ruling to make Plan B an over the counter drug and available in pharmacies all across America, there have been too many reports of pharmacies disregarding the court ruling and simply refusing to stock the morning after pill.

Having trouble buying or accessing the pill in your community? Check out Healthcare in our Hands, by visiting there site, HERE. The website and organization are far more than just for people who’ve struggle to obtain emergency contraceptive but instead offer plenty of information, resources, events, and so forth on the topic so it’s a site all women (and men) should check out.

Having Plan B available on Amazon is a wonderful victory for women and reproductive rights. No matter the reason a woman may not be able to easily obtain the pill; uninformed workers, parents, controlling partner, etc- this opens the door to the freedom to do what each individual woman wants to do with her own body; which is exactly how it should be. Plus, this also makes stocking up on the medication much easier in case another accident occurs. Obviously, it shouldn’t be used in replacement of the pill or other contraceptives, but during emergencies or when you’re not sure, it’s nice to have a back up waiting.

And I would just like to add, the trend of “ThePillKills” has been a desperate screeching lie from Anti-choicers. Please be informed believing their radical rants, which is based not on science or medicine, but on personal belief.

You can read more about the truth of the pill by going to this site-> HERE which states what Anti’s claim; and then counters with the truth. I’ll soon be making a video, hopefully, reading this list out for those who don’t want to read it.

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