When Abortion Was Illegal: One Woman’s Abortion Story-Video

Banning abortion didn’t stop nor end abortion before Roe V. Wade; it only endangered them. If you really care about life, why do you not care for the woman’s life and right to live?

A story read from “The Worst of Times”, a collection of abortion stories prior Roe V Wade. I am reading this one because she explains so well that women will have an abortion, illegal or not, all banning abortion does is put the woman at risk of death. Her story is one that takes us into dark alleys in areas of an unknown town, by herself.

She is a woman in her 40s, with 2 kids she alone is putting through college. Her story shares the fears yet the determinations the majority of women whom knows it is not right to have the pregnancy will have. And in the end, she shares the relief and thankfulness that many women, including myself, feel after it’s all said and done… The joy of having your freedom and future back.

Of course, there are stories that didn’t go as well as hers did; where the dark streets were dangerous or the one doing the abortion was there also to sexual assault the patient. She was lucky, sadly, too many women weren’t.

A woman’s life comesi before the growth of a potential birth.

How dare anti-choicers claim to be for life? How can you be for life when you are against the woman’s life?! That makes no, absolutely no, logical sense.

We could and should all agree to disagree, if you don’t want an abortion; don’t have one. But stop trying to force your restrictions on the rest of us; stop trying to make women feel like they are something they are not.

Remember, how you treat others says a great deal about you. And if you are treating women with the hatred and coldness you are on the streets, online, etc— that says a hell of a lot about the kind of person you are and the kind of person I am so proud NOT to be!

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