Now, Texas Government Wants Emergency Contraception Banned – I Say Hell No!

Despite Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, finally being sold over the counter to anyone, regardless of age- and despite the fact that Amazon will be selling Plan B online to women all across America (yay!); for some reason the Republicans in Texas government don’t seem to understand that they have no right to control a woman and her body. We are not baby breeding machines placed on earth simply to give birth, be a mother nor to sit around cooking and cleaning for our husbands.

They don’t like it when women stand up for themselves or demand to be treated equally. After the horrific abortion clinic bans, you know, the ones where if the hallways are not a certain width then the clinic is not fit to be a clinic? Yeah, they still aren’t happy and are coming after Emergency Contraception now.

Somehow they managed to pass those types of idiotic demands into law and witnessed almost all abortion clinics in Texas close over night. Once more, close down over things that don’t really even concern abortion!!.. After they left pregnant women in Texas desperate, with virtually no where to go but back into self-induced abortions, back to the back alley, they still want more from us. I don’t care what state you are from, we all need to stand up and not only continue to fight the abortion bans, but also their new dream: to ban emergency contraception.

Abortion is not going anywhere; I don’t know how else to put it. Abortion never went away; it was only made dangerous and illegal; but never, not once, has it disappeared. The making abortion illegal insanity is something that has not and will not stop women from getting an abortion, statistics back me up on that; hell I back me up on that as I would be on the self-induce wagon if I were pregnant as well.

Not only is Plan B safe it is not only is it not the abortion pill (not that there is anything wrong with the abortion pill but just getting facts straight). It, like birth control, prevents fertilization if taken within 72 hours after having sex.  If they successfully ban this, they next will be coming for basic birth control, then condoms, then what; our right to vote?

Seriously, when does their hatred for women stop? It’s clear the women that support these insane laws are self loathing; those of us who are proud to be free and a woman must take a strong, firm stand and reject the Texas government as they are more than determined to make women into what they want us to be. They don’t want to help us, they aren’t pro-life for pro-life would mean they cared for the woman’s life and they show nothing but extreme disregard for our lives, well-being and health more and more clearly every day it seems.

Please click here to read the petition the NARAL have set up regarding this issue… Additionally, please sign and most importantly, share. The masses must wake up if we are ever going to have equal treatment that consists of only a woman and her doctor discussing her health care and future; not a woman, the state government as well as religious nuts taking up so much room a doctor couldn’t even join if they tried.

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