Whoopi Goldberg Speaks on Her Coat Hanger Abortion at 14

In the below video, in her own words, Whoopi Goldberg speaks out on her abortions in “The Choices We Made” – an excellent collection of essays written by different people who have been impacted by abortion (the forgotten ones) as well as the women who had to search and then obtain the abortion, usually alone. She was 14 and alone, with a coat hanger in a NYC park bathroom the first time. Thankfully, she didn’t kill herself. Not many women or girls were/are as lucky as she is.

In those days it was customary for women to go through abortion alone; hell, even now a days it seems to be. I was lucky; my husband was there for me. I’ve received too many *current* emails from women that

were on their own because the “man” bailed upon finding out she was pregnant, or, because financial burden wouldn’t allow for them both to take off work, leaving the woman had to endure the procedure alone.

Some may ask ‘why didn’t she just have her family or a friend come over?’ I can’t answer for every woman, but for some of the woman whom have been amazing enough to honor me with their story, the main reasons were either; they had moved to be with their partner, or, they were too ashamed (even though they shouldn’t be).

That shame we can thank society and anti-choicers for. It is a shame that is not only based on lies and unnecessary misconceptions, but also a shame that derives from stigma. A stigma which we need to shatter.

There is nothing wrong with having an abortion; I support abortion in all trimesters, as long as the woman wants it. And sure; there are women who will regret it, though statistically they represent only around 5% of American and English women whom have abortion; the other 95% report relief.

I report, relief; a relief that still, even a year and change later, suddenly will hit me -and hard- reminding me exactly why abortion was not only in the best interest for me, but also for the fetus.

Miss Goldberg went on to write a very interesting play, with one of the parts including a young girl, 13, who also self aborts. Click here for more information on her play, and watch the above video for a better understanding of her abortion and the play.

In closing, I read a message which read something like, “How has this baby hurt you? Was it attacking you?” First…IT’S NOT A BABY! i, even your own Bible teaches you that! Secondly, yes, in a sense, it was. And not just me.

In a recent video I mention the following story, I am going to type it up below. While I’ve made it loud and clear abortion is NOT evil and that there is no right or wrong reason for obtaining an abortion; I see absolutely NO way anyone could consider abortion “wrong” period, but especially in the following circumstance:

“The wife of one of my closest friends got pregnant,” says the Wichita native and author Robert Beattie, “and there were serious complications. They went to see Dr. Tiller and learned that their baby [fetus] wasn’t developing a head. They needed to abort the fetus, and as they walked into his clinic, protesters came up and screamed at them, calling them murderers and baby killers.” – Page 38 in A Death in Wichita by Stephen Singular

Fetus. Was. Not. Developing. A. Head.
Do Anti’s ever stop for one moment to consider the pain others go through? Given their actions, I’d say no.

There are some, of course, that are against abortion but are kind about it and do not verbally attack women. On the same note, they do not go out of their way to lie and beat their beliefs into others. If people are going to be Anti’s, they need to take lessons from these souls.

18 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Speaks on Her Coat Hanger Abortion at 14

  1. hello! I’ve been watching your videos and your like the only person i can relate to at the moment because you talk so openly about abortion and constantly remind me am not evil to want to get one. im from Africa and in my country its not legal to get an abortion,i can’t talk to my mum,sisters or family about it which makes it more hard. Hoping to soon get the procedure done as im passed taking the pill, im not in any state to bring a little one in this world and im not ready to let it have to live in a life with a perspective of just surviving each day i want my kids to have a good life full of love. anyway just to tell you your amazing and i love your videos and u as a person. xx

    1. Thank you so much for this message; I am so sorry I am just now responding I haven’t checked this site in a long time, I changed it but I think I’ll start again ❤
      I would love to hear back from you and know how you are doing, my email is crimson.tearzX@gmail.com …. please email me, if you'd like 🙂 You are a very brave, strong and good hearted woman; we need more people like you in this world. I am so honored that you watch my videos and that they help you remember you are a good woman because you *are*- abortion is a medical procedure that goes back to before Ancient Egypt that only came to be so called 'bad' when Christians came into the picture :\ … You are a GOOD soul, and I'd love to hear from you 🙂 but whether you do write again or not, I truly hope with all my heart you are doing well and blessings have found their way to you ❤ Thank you again for the beautiful comment… You are a wonderful soul and person.

  2. Well that’s nice we will agree to disagree on the topic of, it’s only her business. You seem decent though so hopefully you’re not one of the evil anti’s harassing women. Thank you for reading errr watching!

    1. wow that is an old video. I see I obviously have the book there so assuming you speak of this one, I will be home and share that tomorrow. Best way though is to just buy or rent the book and look for her name 🙂 I’ll post tomorrow 🙂

      1. If you want to continue this asinine conversation, message me on https://makavelisixx.tumblr.com or email, noctem_aeternamx at yahoo. I do not have time to make sure you are not a crazy nut I have to delete. i don’t mind talking it out with you; but until I know you are not here to hurt women with lies, I cannot allow it so… if you really want to talk about this, message me.

    1. exactly! they are also not caring for children; if they did they’d be helping the kids in adoption and foster care out,…. or, when children are murdered or abused by cops, that would be an outrage… but it’s not… because life isn’t there concern >.< … thank u for your comment!! i appreciate it! ❤ 🙂

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