Do Anti’s Impact Women Going for Abortion and Supreme Court Lowers Safety for Women

I am furious with the latest ruling regarding the refusal of buffer mysafetymatterszones for abortion clinics. I already was, but it wasn’t until a few moments ago when I was watching a video online of the anti’s speaking which pushed me over the edge.


Why am I suddenly extra furious?

Besides the obvious fact that their claim of enforcing buffer zones goes against the first amendment is an almost laughable joke; it clearly doesn’t and I’ll explain why in a moment. First, I want to explain the part that really sent me over the edge.

At the podium giving a speech was this elderly lady, speaking in a soft, quiet voice about how she loses her chance to help women when there is a buffer zone. She went on and on about how she truly cares, and with these laws she can’t follow the women like she should be

This Anti-Choicer Proudly Hints They Will Come Armed at Some Point; Anti's Like These Are a Risk and Should Be Treated As Such.
This Anti-Choicer Proudly Hints They Will Come Armed at Some Point; Anti’s Like These Are a Risk and Should Be Treated As Such.

able to and she, I quote, “loses” then.

Her eyes watered up, I can’t tell if she was faking it or if she is someone who really “cares” but is against abortion but never has attended a protest and is only there to give the speech to help the Anti’s look like their protests are all peaceful with no violence and no abuse.

Which is a flat-out lie!

I’m not sure if ….

the Anti’s have been promoting her as the “poster child” of their protests through out this or not, but the speech I saw was crystal clear as to what Anti’s were aiming to do. They sure as hell weren’t calling names, making threats, screaming or demeaning others, were they? No. They know better than that.

So, it seems they somehow let this little old lady take the microphone and poor her heart into it, making all Anti’s seem like a bunch of peaceful people who simply want to let women know there are alternatives.

clinicviolenceisrealReally? You mean, abortion isn’t the ONLY option!? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one am blown away! I am against adoption, but think women should have the RIGHT to do what they want- I can believe in something without forcing everyone else to be like me, amazing, isn’t it?

Children deserve better. If abortion is the right option, the mother knows deep inside and no one should be low enough to try and make her feel bad for a choice she is making from her heart, while doing the very best she can for herself and the fetus. We should decide; no one else!

Did the footage of the real anti-protesters  that parade about, spewing hateful lies and calling names while toting grotesque photos for all to see not get shown? There is a difference in speaking your mind and forcing your beliefs on another. There is also a difference in speaking your mind and verbally abusing another. That is a crime, actually. Why are they not treating it like one?

Women should not have to have clinic escorts walking them in to a medical facility. There is a difference in freedom of speech and freedom of speech which incites violence. In many states verbal abuse is a crime; I’ve never encountered an elder lady speaking in a soft, kind tone to me while walking to the door of an abortion clinic.

The first Amendment states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I could write a novel on all of the words in bold; but for the sake of space let’s just stick to “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”- again, have any of these people seen the videos or gone to an abortion clinic when these heartless people are out there harassing women?

I believe in free speech, i believe in the right to peacefully protest, even. But not only are they not accomplishing anything other than upsetting some of the patients (but not changing the majorities minds), they have a record of being destructive as well as fatally violent. A buffer zone ban is the least thing they could have put in place for the well being and safety of doctors, patients and the clinic staff!

When dealing with groups that have promoted violence before; actually harassing and murdering human beings, stalking and verbally assaulting and degrading women as they try to go about a medical procedure is not only immoral but it should not be legal. This is disgusting and the only rights that were or have ever been violated is those of us who support abortion, have abortion or provide abortion; not.


I was curious as to how much of an impact anti-choicers have on women. Do they really impact a woman’s choice? Exact numbers are hard to obtain, but there is a wonderful study which was conducted by researchers at the Bixby Center for Reproductive Health. The study was published in the Journal Contraception in 2013, giving us some insight to the impact these anti-life protesters have on women entering clinics. Interviewing approximately 1,000 women whom had abortions, they were asked if contact with the protesters outside impacted them emotionally.

Of those who noticed the protestors outside of the clinics, 41% reported they did feel upset because of these heartless ‘people.’ Obviously, the more aggressive the protestors, the more upset the 41% felt.

However, the good news is, when all of the women, including the 41%, were asked if the protestors had changed their feelings regarding having the abortion in any way, the women reported that no, their feelings for abortion remained the same regardless. It was just the pointless harassment that upset them as a person; as it would a lot of people; over abortion or over something else.
These wild, aggressive religious nuts don’t do much to make others feel they are safe.

The study’s lead author, Dianna Greene, states:

Protestors are upsetting, but they don’t have an effect on women’s long-term feelings about their abortions. A woman’s reasons for having an abortion are much more salient than the brief yelling or talking from protestors.”

Deciding to have an abortion, for most, is not a decision made within 20 seconds. On the other hand, there are women who in fact do know very quickly or right away that it’s time for an abortion, plain and simple. However fast or slow women reach the conclusion to abort, one thing remains the same: when women go the clinic they know what they are going to do.

Anti’s, religious or not, do nothing but talk down, call names, and abuse us verbally. Personally, me and my husband mocked them and laughed at the pathetic beings. My husband’s amazing. But I digress.

This isn’t a sole research project regarding the topic, either. In 2000 a study under the name of Women’s Experiences of and Reactions to Antiabortion Picketing ended up with the same results. Anti-choicers make no difference, oth10294382_706594792726389_8522315500977688055_ner than hurting a select few women in the process. How good hearted, and how pro-life of them to go out of their way to verbally and emotionally abuse these women they know nothing about.

Remember the photo to the left, ladies. At least you are doing a good thing; as hard as it may be, if you know inside of you it is the right thing to do, at least you are being a good human being and not trying to bring down innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong. How they speak and act says more about them than anyone else.

Of course, there are cases when women walk away because of these protestors. Executive director of Red River Women’s Clinic -the only abortion provider in the state of North Dakota-, Tammi Kromenaker, has seen it happen to women when the Anti’s are overpowering the sidewalk to the clinic.

After the woman leaves, she stated, these anti’s will all hug one another, as if they’ve done something good.

Kromenaker stated:

“I know there have been women intimidated out of coming into the building. I see them leave and I see the protestors hug each other. (Sometimes) that woman calls us the next day and says, ‘Can I reschedule for next week?”

Kromenaker then goes on to say what any good person secure in their beliefs would happily say,

And, “If somebody you don’t know outside a clinic made you change your mind, then good, you didn’t want an abortion in the first place.”

Exactly. Anti’s think all abortion providers and pro-abortionists like myself want every woman to have an abortion. They live with insane misconceptions such as abortion providers do not make sure the patient is really doing what she wants. Or, if the patient changes her mind she is forced to have an abortion anyway. Those are complete and utter lies. Take Dr. George Tiller for example; when women came in for an abortion she didn’t really want, he organized it so that she would have a nice, pro-choice family to give the child to once she gave birth.

Abortion providers care for people; they are not butchers.


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